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Market-driven, cutting edge innovations with the fastest time to value in the industry, Centric Software is the number one PLM for retail, fashion, outdoor, footwear, luxury, cosmetics & personal care, consumer goods, and food & beverage. With the highest customer satisfaction rate of all PLM providers, 175 companies switched from a previous PLM solution to Centric – read on to find out why.

Best Customers

More than 500 companies creating products for over 4,000 iconic brands trust Centric Software including Swarovski, Mizuno, Monoprix, Tesco, Buccellati, Birkenstock, Kering Eyewear, Fast Retailing, Desigual, PVH, Rothy’s, Yoox/NAP, Varner, Triumph, Brandix, Li-Ning, Auchan, Anta, Bogner, Peak Performance, Xtep, Sephora and Woolworths.

We are proud that our customers are so happy that over 70% of Centric customers have given us a public testimony. See the full list and what they say about Centric.

Best Solutions

Built hand-in-hand with our customers, Centric solutions are driven by the most innovative companies in the world. Discover our range of PLM digital transformation solutions that pair industry best practices with modern technologies like 3D, mobility, AI, cloud & SaaS and our Agile DeploymentSM implementation for the fastest time to value in the industry.

Centric 8 PLM is the market-leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform that delivers merchandise planning, product development, sourcing, quality and collection management functionality tailored for fashion, retail and other fast-moving consumer industries. Centric 8 PLM’s out-of-the-box technology makes upgrades simple and painless.

Centric Visual Innovation Platform (VIP) revolutionizes group decision making and creative collaboration while dramatically condensing time to market and product innovation via large touch-screens and mobile devices resulting in a truly new experience.

Centric PLM Mobile Apps are the industry’s first mobile apps for PLM that enable working on the go and close the gap between inspiration and the consumer. Centric’s portfolio of 13 mobile apps includes cutting-edge technology to capture information, people and processes traditionally on the infringe of PLM such as product field testing to close the feedback loop between product teams and wear testers, a Retail Review for product feedback at retail, Capture It to snap design intent and more….

Centric AI Image Search is driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Centric AI Image Search allows users to quickly find suppliers and approved materials using uploaded images.

Centric SMB is Centric’s cloud-based PLM solution for emerging brands to benefit from innovative PLM technology and key industry learnings.

Centric PLM 3D Connect revolutionizes 3D Product design and development with a fully digital, native end-to-end workflow integration to multiple, leading 3D CAD fashion solutions. Designers and developers can work in their native 3D environment while seamlessly connected directly to Centric PLM to harness the power of 3D for all users at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Centric Manufacturing PLM Innovations align OEM/ODM manufacturers and their brand and retail partners with industry-first Centric Manufacturing PLM technology to drive collaboration, speed time to market, improve efficiency while maintaining the highest standards in quality.

Quick-Start Collaboration Packages include market-driven solutions fueled by industry best practices that empower fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers to rapidly respond to market disruptions and future-proof their businesses. Deploy remotely in days not months, seamlessly connect teams and limit disruption and continue business-critical operations as teams are required to work remotely.

Best Team

Centric Software is headquartered in Silicon Valley and our global team of 525 individuals is from all corners of the world. Centric consultants are the best in their industries, sharing this expertise with our customers. Centric’s R&D team continues to push boundaries and incorporates the most advanced innovations including AI and 3D into Centric solutions. Centric supports customers at every step of their PLM digital transformation journey to ensure success with the highest adoption rate in the industry. Learn more about the team.

Visit www.centricsoftware.com to find out more.

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