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9companies have switched from their legacy PLM solution to Centric PLM and 207 companies have purchased Centric as their first PLM in the past 11 years.


Centric Software has over a decade of experience providing digital transformation solutions for 300 of the most prestigious names in fashion, retail, luxury, footwear, outdoor and consumer goods across 29 countries. We don’t do hardware, we don’t do CAD and we don’t do cars or airplanes. We are 100% PLM-focused and our solutions were built first and foremost for fashion, apparel, lifestyle and outdoor products.  Sister industries to fashion are also coming along for the ride. 

Centric is the fastest growing PLM provider in the world due to our out-of-the-box, highly configurable approach (no custom coding – hooray!) and Agile Deployment℠ methodology, which means a very fast time to value. We have been chosen to replace 14 different PLM systems and homegrown solutions. Reach out our customers directly to learn more.

Our strengths? 

We are a team of innovation-driven and fun-loving fashion and IT experts based in all corners of the world and headquartered in Silicon Valley. Our flagship Centric 8 is a robust cloud-based PLM, capable of supporting 10,000 users and includes 15 groundbreaking mobile apps such as product Field Testing and Retail Review. Centric is known for market-leading solutions such as digital touch-screen based boards, a SaaS PLM solution for emerging small to medium brands, Centric SMB and hundreds of other market driven innovations.

And we are very proud that over two-thirds of our customers have taken the time to publicly endorse us.

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