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Designed for the fashion and other consumer and industrial soft goods industries, Exenta (formerly Simparel) empowers brands, manufacturers, and retailers to scale their businesses by accelerating and improving performance across the entire business and global supply chain. The Exenta® solutions suite provides global process visibility, control and collaboration by natively integrating PLM, ERP, SCM, MRP, WMS, EDI, Financial Management (FMS), Shop Floor Control (SFC), and other productivity tools into an end-to-end, fashion-focused business solution.

Representing the latest evolution in PLM, Exenta® PLM EVO™ delivers the power to turbocharge your product lifecycle. Taking the PLM user experience to a whole new level, it eliminates tedious data entry to keep designers creative and productive; while also automating cumbersome and time-consuming processes to speed products to market and simplify global collaboration.


  • Grow Revenue while Reducing Costs
  • Accelerate Design, Development & Sourcing
  • Enhance Design Creativity and Productivity
  • Heighten Calendar/Process Visibility & Control
  • Streamline/Automate Frontend Processes
  • Foster Team & Supply Chain Collaboration

The companion Exenta PLM EVO Design Plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® enables designers to launch new concepts, contribute to and use information from PLM without ever leaving their design software. The web-based, mobile-first platform streamlines approvals, change management, line selection, vendor quotes and bids, compliance and other global processes. Real-time information and analytics keep everyone working on the same page and support better-informed and more-timely business decisions.

Whether considering your first system or an upgrade from your legacy PLM, a standalone or integrated solution, we invite you to discover the Evolution of PLM.

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