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(Artificial Intelligence)

In computer science artificial intelligence, sometimes called machine intelligence and machine learning, is intelligence demonstrated by machines using algorithms that can be tweaked continuously to provide intelligent outputs, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. The combination of machine and human experience to smartly shape these algorithms is delivering on the promises of A.I.


Bold360 is the ultimate engagement solution delivering the richest customer profiles and fastest time-to-value. By leveraging the power of A.I., Bold360 helps personalize and enhance every engagement – no matter where it takes place – allowing companies to deliver better and more consistent customer experiences seamlessly across both A.I. and agent-based interactions. Bold360 delivers groundbreaking intelligence with out-of-the-box simplicity and helps agents do what they do best – be human.


EDITED is a retail technology company. With more than 80 billion data points, EDITED is the world leader of real-time data for apparel retailers worldwide.


Kensho is a startup deploying scalable machine intelligence and analytics systems across the most critical government and commercial institutions in the world to solve some of the hardest analytics problems of our time.


LUXSENS is an AI technology company connecting luxury merchants to consumers. Their product is the global price index of luxury brands powered by AI. and they have more real time product data than any other luxury platform.


Mode.ai is in the business of building artificial intelligence powered by B2B2C visual bots for conversational shopping.


Obsess is an AR and VR platform for mobile shopping. Their 3D Commerce Cloud enables brands and retailers to run visual, immersive, fully interactive shopping experiences on their own apps and websites.


SECOO is a leading online-offline premium lifestyle platform. They have the number one market share premium online retailer in China. SECOO also owns the largest luxury authentication team and the largest database of authentication in China.


ShoeSize.Me empowers your footwear e-commerce to finally sell shoes online in the right size.

Exclusively focused on footwear, the Size Advisor® is based on big data and designed specifically for footwear brands and retailers. Proven to significantly increase net revenue and lower product return rates. The intelligent technology is backed by the world’s largest (and ever-growing) database of footwear-specific product information and real customer feedback, to provide the most accurate shoe size recommendations on the market.

The long-term vision is to digitalize and normalize the product data of the footwear industry, globally.


SoundOut brings the consumer deep into the PLM and assortment planning workflow in an automated and cost-effective manner. It uses its own 2.5m US/UK consumer panel to source real time input from millions of consumers on thousands of proposed new products. This is combined with advanced machine learning techniques to build retailer specific prediction algorithms, enabling retailers to significantly improve their ranging and depth of buy accuracy. SoundOut is offered via third party PLM and other retail technology platforms through a white label integration or directly to retailers on a SaaS basis.

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Powering Retail’s Speed-To-Market With AI. Speed-to-market is key to survival in today’s changing retail landscape.

Whether you work in the fashion, home, or beauty business, StyleSage’s AI-powered machine enables faster synthesization of internal and external data points.


Syte provides retailers with visual AI technology, powering features such as visual search, automated textual tags and product recommendations. All of Syte’s solutions use their proprietary deep learning technology to increase product discovery, accuracy of site search and user experience.


Threadsol are a team of dedicated industry experts who believe in innovation for solving problems in the apparel industry. Threadsol work in a technology driven environment aimed to create intelligent solutions for apparel brands and manufacturers.


Vue.ai (from Mad Street Den) is the world’s only end-to-end artificial intelligence stack for brands and retailers. Vue.ai’s product suite contains solutions for merchandizing and operations, the ecommerce site and app, to marketing.