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(Electronic certification and personal IDs)

We are starting to see the values of using blockchain technology in RFA. Currently, the majority of blockchain solutions are used within what we call the ‘downstream supply-chain’ i.e. via the retailer or brand, direct to the consumer. This could be a company that uses a distributed and secure system based upon blockchain to create and verify a product’s identity from concept to consumer. The technology can guarantee a product’s authenticity using different technologies (Rain RFiD, NFC, BTLE, PJM). It can also be used to increase transparency across the supply chain.


1trueid enables the most cost effective and secure digital identity to every object, cost free for individuals; this is how the “Social Network of Things” comes to life.

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison is a global leader in pressure-sensitive and functional materials and labeling solutions for the retail apparel market. They serve customers in the consumer packaging, graphical display, logistics, apparel, industrial and healthcare industries.

Awear Solutions

Awear Solutions introduces a smart tag technology that enables fashion brands to discover, engage and even mobilise their consumers, and reward them for being their real brand ambassadors.


faizod is a leading solution and service provider for blockchain technology as well as modern enterprise software solutions.


IDTEX are leaders in Italy dedicated to encoding, traceability and 100% certification of finished product.


Mojix is a pioneer in the RFID and sensor network space. They provide wide-area RFID systems, which are built on patented long-range location technology, real-time IoT software platform solutions, cloud and mobile development services for IoT applications.


Provenance is a platform for transparency. Each provenanced product comes with a digital passport: information and stories about who made it, where and out of what materials.

Zebra Technologies

Zebra builds tracking technology and solutions that generate actionable information and insight, giving companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses by giving physical things a digital voice.