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(Bill of Labour)

Synthetic costings play a critical part in the costing process; proven solutions like GSD (General Sewing Data) are trusted by the world’s leading brands and retailers to help define accurate costings for the labour element (cutting, sewing, handing, packaging etc.) and are certified by the ILA (Internal Labour Authority). Linked with CSR, this is becoming a very important area for retailers, brands and manufacturers linked to recent legislation (like the Modern Slavery Act) and will continue to become a critical part of transparency.


GSD provides industry-leading methods analysis and productivity improvement solutions.

Methods Workshop

Methods Workshop is the leading developer and provider of engineering and costing software solutions for the global fashion and sewn products industries.

REACH Technologies

REACH Technologies, a leader in business technology solutions for the global soft goods industry, offers pre-packaged products, custom solutions, business process outsourcing (BPO), consulting services and offshore development facilities.

SATRA Technology

SATRA is an independent research and testing organisation established in 1919. It has technical facilities in the UK and China serving customers throughout the world. As well as testing products and components to European and international standards across a wide range of industry sectors, SATRA develops, manufactures and sells test equipment. SATRA is a Notified Body for various European directives including personal protection equipment (PPE), which is one of SATRA’s largest sector operations. SATRA has its own chemicals analysis laboratory for testing restricted substances in accordance with European REACH, and US chemicals regulations for which it is CPSC-accredited.


TimeSSD is always a reliable software solution at hand that makes it easy to establish and share the right allowed minutes for your working method.