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Argo Insight
ARGO Insight offers comprehensive Business intelligence solution BEST Analytics.
TRAQ is a big data led business intelligence consultancy that specialises in tracking brand reach; consumer sentiment and brand influencers online.
A PLM Solutions and Consulting firm that help clients develop; drive and transform implementation around PLM with a measurable ROI.
Intelaphase is a full end-to-end service team for RFA PLM and BSM services. We provide a highly-skilled and experienced team of experts that invests in their client’s future.
ITC Infotech
ITC Infotech is committed to deliver end-to-end IT solutions and services to its customers worldwide.
Kalypso was founded with an exclusive focus on helping our clients deliver better results from innovation.
Kurt Salmon
Unrivalled in its global expertise in the retail and consumer goods industry Kurt Salmon combines strategic vision; deep process knowledge and strong credentials in PLM implementation.
Product Development Partnership
Product Development Partners provides expert consultation services to companies in the retail; footwear and apparel industries who are looking to implement new software or enhance existing PLM.
Parker Avery
Parker Avery provides comprehensive PLM consulting and implementation services leveraging deep solution expertise and industry experience.
Ptex Solutions
Through building and maintaining strategic partnerships; Ptex Solutions has expanded beyond its position as PLM market leader to leading fashion technology solutions provider.