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NC Cutting

(Numerically Controlled Cutting)

CAD/CAM lay plans are converted into N.C. cut files that optimise the cut path of the knife to improve quality and cutting speeds. The automatic cutting process may also involve transferring annotation descriptions, notches, drill holes and other elements coming directly from the garment patterns and markers to assist operators in the sewing operation, or sectioning a spread into blocks of piece in readiness for the sewing process. Today these N.C. Cutting machines can be fed or can push data to other solutions including PLM and dashboards.

Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology’s end-to-end, fully integrated solution empowers our customers to compete and win in an on-demand world.

Shima Seiki

With its “All in One” 3D design system at the core, SHIMA SEIKI offers complete solutions for the apparel supply chain from planning to production and sales support. Also in its lineup are a full range of knitting machines, cutting machines and inkjet printing machines, all with high user confidence based on years of experience and know-how.