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(Merchandise Planning, Financials, Product, Materials, Attributes, Assortments, Range & Collection Planning)

Merchandise Planning is a systematic approach. It is aimed at maximising return on investment, through planning sales and inventory to increase profitability. It supports this by maximising sales potential and minimizing losses from markdowns and stock-outs. Today merchandise planning is becoming dynamic in terms of sales data notifications (real-time) enabling planners to use A.I. to help improve the buy. Today, many leading PLM vendors work together with leading planning solutions to help support just-in-time design and development.

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In today’s fast-moving world, communication is critical to keeping pace with shifting consumer tastes, preferences and expectations. Aptos PLM and Supply Chain Management ensure that communication between you and your key partners is carefully orchestrated throughout the entire merchandise lifecycle.


Former retailers and planning executives, transforming merchandise planning & execution in RFA. Solutions span across key channels: Retail, wholesale, eComm.


Analyse2 is the leading provider of merchandise planning & supplier collaboration solutions in the Nordics. Their main offering manages: assortment, price, campaigns & promotions.


Cloud-based predictive analytics SaaS platforms helping retailers optimize their overall inventory portfolios in stores and across the supply chain.


Just Enough has two decades of experience in developing user interfaces that make it simple to forecast demand, plan assortments and inventory, allocate and replenish products and place orders.