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Capturing the exact appearance and characteristics of a material is essential to enable production plants, transport and infrastructure to improve their quality level and speed up the marketing of products. Today’s high-end scanners can generate highly accurate numerical definitions of materials from physical samples.It’s not only materials that are being scanned today; we have seen many new 3D body scanning solutions coming to the market, and there are footwear solutions that have been around for the last three decades.Today, it’s important for PLM vendors to work together with scanning solution providers to help improve the end-to-end process.

Size Stream

Size Stream is the leader in 3D body data and scanning solutions for the apparel, health, and fitness industries. With hundreds of customers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, Size Stream is one of the most widely implemented platforms for acquiring accurate and affordable 3D body data.


In just a few seconds, Vitronic’s VITUS BODYSCANNER delivers high resolution and true to scale 3D color scans of people for 3D printing of lifelike figurines.

Vizoo 3D

Vizoo is a pioneer in the field of 3D material data acquisition. We are a creative and ambitious team of people located in Munich, Germany, and together with international partners, we help fashion and automotive companies to create photorealistic content for design and marketing.