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(Digital Storyboards)

A digital storyboard is a graphic organiser that provides the users with a high-level view of a project that helps to tell its story to other key stakeholders across the supply-chain. In fashion, fast-response software design and development, a digital storyboard can help designers and developers quickly get a sense of what work still needs to be completed. Today’s electronic storyboards can be greatly improved via the integration to a modern PLM, DAM & PIM solution. Integration can come in the form of a restful API (application protocol interface) or directly via a module developed as part of the PLM solution offering.

Centric Software

Centric Software is the number one PLM for fashion, retail, footwear, outdoor, luxury, consumer goods, home décor and manufacturing companies.


The world’s biggest brands and retailers trust PTC FlexPLM to power their digital design and development operations, manage their global supply chains, and deliver seamless remote collaboration.