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swatchbook opens swatchbook China


Swatchbook Software Information Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is open for business; Mr. Jackie Yang, Founder of FMNII has been appointed as Managing Director

Irvine, CA, Kowloon, HK, and Dongguan, CN – April 2, 2018 – swatchbook, inc today announced the opening of “Swatchbook Software Information Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.”, in short “swatchbook China”, a wholly owned subsidiary by swatchbook inc. The company will be run by Managing Director Jackie Yang, founder and former CEO of FMNII, a consultancy for process and manufacturing improvements for the footwear industry.

“Having a physical presence with local support in China is very important for our business growth,” says Sinareet Aye, COO and Co-founder of swatchbook inc and supervisor of swatchbook China. “For most of the fabric mills the digitization of materials and as such being able to offer a digital swatchbook is a very new concept. Being able to do business with a US company with a Chinese subsidiary that can offer local support will boost their confidence when it comes to making the decision to go digital. And with Jackie Yang and his team we have a team that is intimately familiar with many of these businesses, their owners and their processes which will further aide in this transformation process.”

Strong expertise in digital and non-digital product development

The founders of swatchbook bring in-depth knowledge of tools and processes for digital product development to the table. This expertise has now been expanded through the establishment of swatchbook China by adding deep expertise in process optimization, material development and sourcing, along with deep relationships at all levels with brands, factories and mills.

“Moving from physical materials to digital representations is a big unknown for many mills”, says Jackie Yang, Managing Director of swatchbook China. “Having a local presence to work directly with these companies is the only way to succeed. With the combination of our Chinese and US teams and the expertise we have, we offer a unique value proposition for our customers which is pretty much unmatched in the apparel and footwear industry.”

Local support for fabric mills and brands

Companies in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have now the opportunity to do business directly with the local swatchbook office. swatchbook China will offer the following:

  • Sales of swatchbook’s cloud platform for materials
  • Online and onsite support
  • Services for material scanning and 3D modeling

All service work will be fulfilled by swatchbook service centers which have been in the process of being set up since the end of last year.

Connecting brands, factories and suppliers

With local representation in China swatchbook will be able to help connect material, sourcing, design and product development teams globally. Furthermore, swatchbook will bring together brands, factories and suppliers to not only help in their quest for material digitization, but also provide expertise and support in the transition to and implementation of a digital product development process.

Further expansion

swatchbook plans to further expand operations throughout China, and all of Asia by adding additional resellers, and opening global service centers to help brands and fabric mills with the digitization of their materials, as well as offer 3D modeling services.

Learn more

To learn more about swatchbook’s capabilities, integrations and partners visit www.swatchbook.us or www.swatchbook.cn. A Chinese website as well as Chinese version of the platform and mobile application are currently under development, and are planned to be delivered in Q2 of 2019.

About swatchbook, inc

swatchbook is a design & software company that develops applications that make you smile. Founded in 2017, the company focuses on the development of cloud, desktop & mobile software applications that help integrate the creative community within an organization into the product development process.

swatchbook is located in sunny Irvine, CA. Its founders share a deep passion for good design & workflow, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges in the digital product development process & the future needs of companies in many industries.

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