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swatchbook partners with FMNII to transform footwear and apparel


FMNII to focus on footwear and apparel market by setting up services centers in China

Los Angeles, CA, and Dongguan, Guangdong, CN, October 2, 2018 – swatchbook announced its premier partnership with footwear and apparel supply chain expert FMNII to transform the footwear and apparel industry. The goal of this partnership is to help footwear and apparel brands as well as their suppliers to move their materials onto swatchbook’s Material Lifecycle Management (MLM) platform, ultimately reducing the dependency on physical swatches while speeding up time to market, reduce cost, and create a positive environmental impact by reducing the carbon footprint.

“Creating a platform for suppliers to present their materials in digital form is an integral part of swatchbook’s strategy. With FMNII we found a perfect partner to help us execute this strategy”, says Yazan Malkosh, CEO of swatchbook. “They bring tremendous amount of expertise in material sourcing and manufacturing for footwear and apparel to the table, while sharing the same passion as we do in wanting to change the industry.”

“We are very much impressed by swatchbook with its advanced technology and great people behind it,” says Jackie Yang, CEO and founder of FMNII. “With FMNII’s network and devotion to make a difference in the footwear & apparel industry, we have full confidence in making FMNII the right choice for swatchbook.”

FMNII will represent swatchbook as a premier partner in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam, selling and supporting swatchbook’s revolutionary approach of managing, capturing and sourcing materials, as well as setting up service centers to help suppliers and brands digitize materials at the highest quality.

Subscription offerings tailored toward suppliers

In addition to the traditional software subscription offerings available for brands FMNII and swatchbook are working on a special subscription tailored towards suppliers that will allow them to host their materials on swatchbook, and share them with certain brands directly or make them available for all brands.

With the swatchbook subscription offerings for suppliers offered by FMNII, the company will act as an agent and facilitate the communication between brands and suppliers.

Service Centers

FMNII and swatchbook will setup service centers throughout China to help manufacturers in the digitization process of their materials.

“swatchbook sets itself apart from all other PLM and material sourcing sites by providing the highest quality of digital materials that can be viewed in 3D right inside of swatchbook, and also be used throughout the entire product development process,” says Thomas Teger, CPO of swatchbook. “In order to maintain this level of quality, we are providing the service through our service centers, allowing anyone to get their materials onto swatchbook with the same high quality. This will take a huge burden of the suppliers shoulders, and give them the confidence that their materials will be represented at the highest level.”

Whether you are a supplier or brand, a team of experts in these new service centers will take the materials using state-of-the-art scanning and image processing technologies to accurately create digital representations of any type of material. The results can be instantly viewed in 3D on up to 50+ digital objects, examined under real-world lighting, and placed into the real world using Augmented Reality (AR).

In addition, all materials will have the necessary supporting data as provided by the supplier of the material, including pricing, composition, weight, sustainability and any other information that may be provided.

“As a passionate ‘new tech’ chaser in the footwear industry for years, swatchbook’s real-time 3D rendering quality and exciting built-in Augmented Reality, plus the super user-friendly mobile app flawless integration made me a lover of it right away”, says James Gau, co-founder of FMNII. “We’re IN to be part of the change drivers.”


FMNII and swatchbook are currently in the process of finalizing the software offerings for suppliers. The first service center will open up in Dongguan, Guangdong, China in November. Additional service centers will open in other parts of China in the following months.

Learn more

To learn more about the new partnership contact info@swatchbook.us, or info@fmnii.com.

To learn more swatchbook’s capabilities, integrations and partners visit www.swatchbook.us.

To learn more about FMNII, contact www.fmnii.com.

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About swatchbook, inc

swatchbook is a design & software company that develops applications that make you smile. Founded in 2017, the company focuses on the development of cloud, desktop & mobile software applications that help integrate the creative community within an organization into the product development process.

swatchbook is located in sunny Irvine, CA. Its founders share a deep passion for good design & workflow, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges in the digital product development process & the future needs of companies in many industries.


Fmnii is the organizer of FIS (Footwear Innovation Summit). Founded in January 2017, the FMNII founders Jackie Yang and James Gau are devoted to introducing technology and innovation to footwear brands of all sizes. FMNII is based in Dongguan, China and New York, NY. It aims to become a global platform that focuses on footwear sourcing innovation, connecting brands with suppliers on material, digitalization and sustainability.

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