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Here you will find an assortment of pieces surrounding thce world of 3D Apparel Design. Most recently, you’ll find posts on 3D Fashion Design from WhichPLM Expert, Evridiki Papahristou, Vizoo 3D, and Browzwear. Most notably, you will see Browzwear’s downloadable Evaluation – a first for WhichPLM and our commitment to 3D design and 3D design solutions.

More and more technology vendors are venturing into 3D apparel design in recent times, and you’ll find their coverage on this topic (via press releases and exclusive editorial features) below.

Finally, our 5th Edition Report, focusing on 3D fashion design and PLM, can also be accessed via these pages, or via the ‘Publications’ drop-down on the menu bar above.

It’s Time to Innovate! Part Four: Browzwear

In this feature, WhichPLM looks at new technologies retailers, brands and manufacturers are using to stay competitive and support an end-to-end solution with Product Lifecycle Management. Part four looks at Browzwear…     Browzwear: Collaborating with true to life 3D virtual representation. The textile industry is a late bloomer with respect to adopting new technologies. PLM and 3D design tools […]

PLM: more than a buzz word in fashion IT: Part Three

Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh, Gerber Technology’s Marketing and Communications Manager of Europe, Middle East and Africa follows up on l industry’s latest buzzword… Time is money The best way to reduce stock outs and mark downs is to reduce the time to market combined with effective merchandise planning, thus increasing the ability to react to what the […]

Shapely Shadow Unveils FastFit360: Innovative Communication Tool for Fit

Fast Fit 360(MALIBU, CA, SEPTEMBER 9, 2008) Efficiency and speed to market mean everything in a world where retailers are placing more emphasis on global sourcing.  By implementing new technology tools and finding creative uses for some older ones, retailers are addressing these crucial areas.  In turn, they are generating better supply chain visibility and saving money across multiple business areas.