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Here you will find an assortment of pieces surrounding the world of Bill of Labour (BOM), and Bill of Management.

This tag is in a constant state of flux, with more news and articles filling our site each day.

Interactive Video Innovations – The WhichPLM Exclusive Interview

Manchester, UK based Interactive Video Innovations are the developers of a unique post-production solution that enables retailers and brands to embed detailed product information, catalogues, and a fully-featured shopping basket directly into their video advertising. The IVI team consider themselves to be some of the fashion industry’s leading post-and-pre-production multimedia specialists, and so I recently sat down with Sales & Marketing Director Mia Chandler to share our opinions on the future of sales and marketing – not just for fashion, but for retail as a whole.

Which Executive Search Launches New Website

(MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, 8 JUNE 2012) Which Executive Search Limited today officially announced that their new web-site is live and provides a raft of new features for both employers and prospective candidates. “The previous website has been used since the start of the business and was loaded with advanced features for apparel product development recruitment” Which Executive Search’s CEO Rob Smith said. “We discovered that we simply made the previous website too complicated for our users and took the opportunity to re-develop the web presence to make it bigger, better and bolder.”

The Technical Aspects of PLM – An Introduction to Hosting

In a market where capabilities, points of integration and marketing gloss dominate, the technical aspects (or “nuts and bolts”) can be relegated to the status of secondary concerns. Too often, complex principles are considered to be common knowledge, when in fact that may be the source of significant misunderstandings between customers and suppliers. In this – the first instalment of a series designed to expose and explain the nuts of bolts of PLM – John Jobson of the Product Development Partnership (PDP) introduces our readers to hosting and explains what the right (or wrong) choices in this area can mean for their businesses.

Guest Blog from PDP: The Importance of Master Data, Part One

In the first instalment of a new series, Mark Harrop, Managing Director of PDP, looks at the crucial role that Master Data has to play in underpinning successful PLM implementations and in delivering efficiency savings across extended global supply chains. This is an important emerging trend in the world of integrated systems, so Mark's insights into the importance of Master Data are especially timely.

One Size Fits All Series: Blog #3 – ‘That’s how dad did it and it’s worked out pretty well so far’

In this, a new blog in the "One Size Fits All" series, Rob Smith looks at the opposite side of the coin from his previous articles examining the virtues of the end-to-end approach. With some vendors choosing to focus their efforts on delivering a "best in breed" experience in a single solution area, Rob weighs up the benefits and drawbacks of both strategies.

Revisiting Technia’s PLM Innovation Forum 2011

On the 21 September, Technia (suppliers of PLM) held their annual PLM Innovation Forum at Stockholm's Modern Museum. Attended by more than 350 delegates from across a selection of industries, the event saw presentations from companies like Under Armour, Nokia, and WhichPLM's own Mark Harrop. With a full review site now live, you can revisit the event today.