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Here you will find an assortment of pieces surrounding the world of 3D Design, and Fashion CAD. Most notably, you will see Browzwear’s downloadable Evaluation – a first for WhichPLM and our commitment to 3D design and 3D design solutions.

Also covered here are insights from fashion CAD software companies, and various pieces on the CAD PLM integration front.

The WhichPLM Challenge!

WhichPLM takes a look at why and how we are evaluating the PLM solutions serving the apparel/retail sector… The past ten years has seen the PLM market evolve to a degree that there are now tens of companies offering multiple solutions, all aiming to ease customers’ product development woes. With an increasing number of technology […]

Responding to customers with PLM

WhichPLM(28 January 2009) Siemens PLM Software has announced an initiative to help small businesses improve their customer responsiveness by using product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions. A new Aberdeen report indicates top performers make use of a comprehensive PLM toolset to respond to customer needs.