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For years, WhichPLM has provided the industry with RFA news, articles, insights and listings.

Here you’ll fine everything that relates to extended-PLM (or E-PLM for short). You’ll find guest posts from contributors in various fields, as well as E-PLM news.

Given the ever-changing nature of this industry, this tag is in a constant state of flux, with more news and articles filling our site each day.

Extending PLM: Getting Technical

In the fourth instalment of an exclusive series, business process expert Kilara Le continues to examine the increasingly diverse role that PLM (in both its core and E-PLM forms) plays in the product lifecycle. This month, Kilara looks at the critical transition between design and manufacture, and makes an argument that extending PLM to the technical design, patternmaking and sampling phases can ensure more accurate interpretations between each.

Editorial: Fashion on the field

There has been no escaping the Olympics lately, whether you live and work in London, on the doorstep of British brands, or further afield. The country – and the world at large, it seems, has sent its heart to London 2012. In a break from his weekly column, our Editor examines the role that our industry has played in creating some of the spectacle at this year's games.

Interactive Video Innovations – The WhichPLM Exclusive Interview

Manchester, UK based Interactive Video Innovations are the developers of a unique post-production solution that enables retailers and brands to embed detailed product information, catalogues, and a fully-featured shopping basket directly into their video advertising. The IVI team consider themselves to be some of the fashion industry’s leading post-and-pre-production multimedia specialists, and so I recently sat down with Sales & Marketing Director Mia Chandler to share our opinions on the future of sales and marketing – not just for fashion, but for retail as a whole.