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Here at WhichPLM we believe education is paramount – and it’s what we’ve built our name on.

For years, we’ve has provided the industry with PLM information via articles, interviews, reviews and news. Whilst we cover the retail, footwear and apparel market exclusively, below you’ll find those posts which directly cover PLM education.

This tag is in a constant state of flux, with more content filling our site each day; check back here, or visit WhichPLM Academy, to learn PLM and more.

WhichPLM Certification Programme – The First Graduates

The first graduates of the WhichPLM Certification ProgrammeDrawing on our unparalleled experience WhichPLM are proud to introduce  the most comprehensive research, education and implementation training for PLM professionals, which will become widely available this year.  Not content to wait until then, though, are our first three graduates, each of whom has completed the full WhichPLM Certification Programme and will be proudly displaying their WhichPLM seal of approval to employers very soon! For more details about the creation of the Certification Programme, read on.

WhichPLM Blog: 10 January, 2011 – Comply or Die Series

Rob SmithIn the penultimate blog in his series on ethical compliance, Rob Smith looks at how economic regulation (specifically those global restrictions concerning the use of hazardous and chemical substances) affects our industry.

With penalties for non-compliance being severe, Rob looks at how retailers, brands and manufacturers from any sector in the consumer goods industries can ill afford to ignore these regulations.

WhichPLM Blog: 26 October, 2010: What do customers want from future PLM?

The results of WhichPLM’s customer survey, with some interesting feedback from fashion PLM users, provides plenty of insight on future industry requirements. The first independent fashion PLM customer survey was a hot topic of discussion over the summer for fashion customers of PLM solutions, solution suppliers and industry educators, all eagerly awaiting the results of […]