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Here at WhichPLM we pride ourselves in being impartial. Since our inception we have remained unbiased and informative. Our passion is to educate, and not to coerce; to report, and not to influence.

We post the most up-to-date articles from a host of contributors – brands, vendors and advisors alike. And not only do we report exclusively upon industry events, but we also report upon suppliers. We are often approached by software vendors eager for a thorough evaluation of their system, and on the other side of the coin, by prospective PLM or 3D customers eager to obtain exclusive reviews of these very vendors. Knowing the maturity of a supplier’s solution is just as important for a prospective customer as for the suppliers themselves.

Our ethical stance shapes the processes we use to evaluate suppliers. A WhichPLM Supplier Evaluation is unlike any other vendor profile, PLM benchmark or review. Our research methods are exhaustive and truly expert, and our conclusions independent, unbiased, and informed by 30 years of hands-on PDM, CPM & PLM experience.

Below you’ll find the most up-to-date 3D & PLM vendor comparisons, in the form of deep-dive 3D & PLM Evaluations.

WhichPLM Blog: 10 January, 2011 – Comply or Die Series

Rob SmithIn the penultimate blog in his series on ethical compliance, Rob Smith looks at how economic regulation (specifically those global restrictions concerning the use of hazardous and chemical substances) affects our industry.

With penalties for non-compliance being severe, Rob looks at how retailers, brands and manufacturers from any sector in the consumer goods industries can ill afford to ignore these regulations.

Jargon Buster

Needless to say – with so many different processes to support – our rapidly-growing industry has become littered with acronyms, buzz words and jargon. If you find yourself nervous about approaching a supplier or you simply don’t know your BOM from your FOB, our handy list can help. The list below contains definitions for each […]

Lifestyle Accessories Leader Randa Selects Gerber Technology’s YuniquePLM™

Gerber Technology logo(JULY 21, 2010 – TOLLAND, CONN., USA) Gerber Technology, a business unit of Gerber Scientific, Inc. (NYSE: GRB), announces that lifestyle accessories leader Randa Accessories (www.randa.net) will soon begin implementation of the YuniquePLM™ product lifecycle management solution. By providing easy access to centralized product information and process calendars, the web-based software system promises to improve accuracy and free-up time that can be shifted to higher value activities.