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Here at WhichPLM we pride ourselves in being impartial. Since our inception we have remained unbiased and informative. Our passion is to educate, and not to coerce; to report, and not to influence.

We post the most up-to-date articles from a host of contributors – brands, vendors and advisors alike. And not only do we report exclusively upon industry events, but we also report upon suppliers. We are often approached by software vendors eager for a thorough evaluation of their system, and on the other side of the coin, by prospective PLM or 3D customers eager to obtain exclusive reviews of these very vendors. Knowing the maturity of a supplier’s solution is just as important for a prospective customer as for the suppliers themselves.

Our ethical stance shapes the processes we use to evaluate suppliers. A WhichPLM Supplier Evaluation is unlike any other vendor profile, PLM benchmark or review. Our research methods are exhaustive and truly expert, and our conclusions independent, unbiased, and informed by 30 years of hands-on PDM, CPM & PLM experience.

Below you’ll find the most up-to-date 3D & PLM vendor comparisons, in the form of deep-dive 3D & PLM Evaluations.

The WhichPLM Challenge!

WhichPLM takes a look at why and how we are evaluating the PLM solutions serving the apparel/retail sector… The past ten years has seen the PLM market evolve to a degree that there are now tens of companies offering multiple solutions, all aiming to ease customers’ product development woes. With an increasing number of technology […]

Maximizing value with Lawson Fashion PLM

Lawson held its first U.S. PLM Customer Day at the Lawson Corporate Briefing Center in St. Paul, MN on December 2, 2008 for representees of Lawson Fashion PLM customers with the Lawson PLM partner Ptex Solutions and key members of the Lawson Fashion team. The meeting was a first step towards enhancing the relationship with […]

What’s Next? – Lawson Customer Event

WhichPLM takes a look at Lawson’s UK customer event, What's Next? Lawson Software held its annual UK What’s Next event at the Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwick on 21 October, 2008. This year was the best attended yet with over 140 participants and 109 customers present from the UK, Ireland and the Benelux. The event enabled […]

It’s Time to Innovate! Part Four: Browzwear

In this feature, WhichPLM looks at new technologies retailers, brands and manufacturers are using to stay competitive and support an end-to-end solution with Product Lifecycle Management. Part four looks at Browzwear…     Browzwear: Collaborating with true to life 3D virtual representation. The textile industry is a late bloomer with respect to adopting new technologies. PLM and 3D design tools […]

Lawson WhichPLM Evaluation Scores

Commercial Functional Section Score Section Score Company Profile 93% General Functionality 67% Company Structure & Personnel 67% Workflow Management & Calenders 67% Sectors & Focus 75% Storyboarding 79% Financial Data 53% Line Planning 0% Software Solutions & Modules 67% Concept Development/Creative Design 78% Product History 67% Material & Trim Development 80% Future Directions/R&D 50% Colour […]