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Below you will find our exclusive, downloadable PDF content from leading RFA technology vendors an experts. All of these PLM PDF’s are available to download free of charge.

You’ll find a mixture of PLM PDFs, brochures, white papers, and reports, including WhichPLM’s very own Annual Reviews and Editions, exploring a multitude of topics: 3D working in apparel, PLM integration and implementation, compliance, pricing, supply chain transparency, wearable technology, and more.

This is Not Your Grandfather’s PDM Solution…

…it’s NEW and its Called On-Demand PLM! Laura McCann-Ramsey, Zweave Inc’s CEO & Founder looks at Service as a Service (SaaS) Organizing and managing your designs and information in a secure database must be at the core of your business strategies. Next to people, information is your company’s most important resource. From Technical specifications to cost […]

It’s Time to Innovate! Part One: E-Spec

Vital Link in the ChainAs competition for consumers’ disposable income becomes fierce in today’s market, retailers, brands and manufacturers are innovating with technologies that help to streamline product development processes. WhichPLM takes a look at some of the products on the market that support Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as an end-to-end solution.

‘RFI’ Questionnaire

Once you have decided that a PLM solution is the right choice for your unique business needs and used our comparison engine to help define and prioritise your requirements, it can be a daunting prospect approaching a shortlist of suppliers. How well do you know your own ways of working? How confident are you that […]

ROI Calculator

Implementing a PLM system isn’t just about installing a piece of software, it is an enterprise-wide solution that needs commitment in terms of resource, training, process rationalisation and internal communications. So, is PLM worth the investment?  To help you find out how much value PLM will add to your company and also the cost of […]

Stand out from the Crowd with WhichPLM!

If your company is looking to communicate to the industry on a new product release, the launch of a Whitepaper download, new event or you are looking to raise awareness of your brand, then WhichPLM is the perfect platform to target your customers. To view the range of marketing services we can offer, download the […]