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Below you will find our exclusive, downloadable PDF content from leading RFA technology vendors an experts. All of these PLM PDF’s are available to download free of charge.

You’ll find a mixture of PLM PDFs, brochures, white papers, and reports, including WhichPLM’s very own Annual Reviews and Editions, exploring a multitude of topics: 3D working in apparel, PLM integration and implementation, compliance, pricing, supply chain transparency, wearable technology, and more.

WhichPLM Editorial Review – 30 September 2011

In a double instalment of his weekly column our Editor, Ben Hanson rounds up the best of WhichPLM from the past fourteen days. From recruitment and announcements to a special feature looking at the latest expanded solution to join WhichPLM, Ben wants to make sure that none of our readers, new or long-standing, miss the best content from the past two weeks.

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