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Smart Manufacturing

For years, WhichPLM has provided the industry with Articles, News, and information around retail technology. Whilst we cover the retail, footwear and apparel market exclusively, below you’ll find those posts which directly cover smart manufacturing.

Smart manufacturing, as it relates to fashion, covers is a broad range of manufacturing processes with the goal of optimizing each from conception through to production (and transaction). While regular manufacturing concerns the process of creating a product out of raw materials, smart manufacturing is a variation of this that, as you would imagine given the name, employs technology. Smart manufacturing aims to take advantage of advanced information and technologies to address a truly global market.

This tag is in a constant state of flux, with more news and articles filling our site each day.

IoTea time in the factory

Following on from her previous article with us (in a similarly fantastical theme), Kilara Le continues to explore hot topic, the Internet of Things, here. In another look into a possible future, Kilara shows us how factory life could change through the IoT – with a robot for everything!