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Tefron targets seamless digital transformation with support from Coats Digital’s FastReactPlan


Leading seamless garment manufacturer Tefron will use Coats Digital’s FastReactPlan to revolutionise its planning processes, supercharge its efficiency, and target further digital transformation in its mission to clothe the world’s athletes.

MISGAV, ISRAEL and LONDON, UK – November 17, 2021 – Coats Digital is proud to announce that leading garment manufacturer Tefron has chosen to implement FastReactPlan – the industry’s leading production planning tool – as a critical component of its growth ambitions and digitization strategy. From replacing manual, analogue processes to enabling detailed modelling functionality, Tefron’s selection of the Coats Digital solution will bring new connectivity to a business that has remained in constant pursuit of innovation for nearly 50 years.

Established in 1977, Tefron has long been a pioneer in cutting-edge, seamless garment construction, and today the company specialises in the use of digital printing techniques and 3D knitting to produce intimates and sportswear for major global brands such as Victoria Secrets and Under Armour.

To manage an ambitious growth strategy, Tefron recently migrated the bulk of its activities from its native Israel to Jordan, where it serves key customers in strategic markets in the USA and Europe. With an in-house creative team, seam free knitting and sewing manufacturing all on-site, Tefron specialises in delivering a full range of services from a single location.

By late 2020, following a period of growth, Tefron’s team realised that the complexity of this multi-faceted model may become a burden, reliant on analogue processes and disconnected tools to coordinate its knitting and sewing operations, creating bottlenecks and delays in planning, forecasting, and production – resulting in negative effects on lead times, efficiency, and responsiveness.  As a multi-disciplinary business, covering knitting and sewing manufacturing, Tefron identified opportunities to improve it’s ability to respond to changes in forecasting or style alterations.

To overcome these potential future challenges, and to position the business for ongoing growth, Tefron chose to partner with Coats Digital in October 2020, selecting FastReactPlan on the basis of its status as the industry’s leading production planning tool.

“Our decision to implement FastReactPlan was driven by Coats Digital’s status as the premiere partner for fashion supply chain technology and digital transformation,” explains Gregory Koren, Tefron’s CIO  “Day to day, our teams will be able to make use of new insights from FastReactPlan’s high-level board to make strategic decisions and plan order allocations. In the longer term, FastReactPlan will allow us to go much deeper and to model customer forecasts, capacities, materials, and to orchestrate our critical path. Together, these new capabilities will change the way we operate, allowing Tefron to instantly see the implications of different scenarios, to have confidence in confirming delivery dates, and to connect components of our business that have historically been divided.”

Speaking about the partnership, Stuart McCready-Stocks, Coats Digital’s Sales Director for the EMEA region, added: “We are thrilled to have been the first choice of technology partner for a business as innovative as Tefron. As a best of breed seamless manufacturer whose in-house operations reflect the challenges the broader industry is facing in microcosm, this partnership is a perfect example of how Coats Digital is unlocking the potential of intelligent transformation for customers throughout the fashion supply chain.”

About Tefron

Revolutionizing the technology of the fashion industry since 1977, Tefron was the first company to produce body size panties with sewn on elastic, the first to apply digital printing on seamless garments and the first to use 3D knitting machines.  Tefron has earned a global reputation for technological superiority, as well as strategic partnerships and customer relationships with market leaders in fashion, athletics and wearable tech. We are always looking for ways to expand the possibilities of our products, and we consistently offer the newest and most innovative techniques to our customers.

About Coats Digital

Coats Digital is the leading digital transformation partner for the fashion supply chain, powering sustainable processes and high value insights through connected technologies. We leverage deep industry and technology expertise to help brands and manufacturers optimise, connect and accelerate business critical processes from design and development to method-time-cost optimisation, production planning and control, fabric optimisation and shop floor execution. Used in over 3,000 factories globally, our unmatched end-to-end apparel, footwear and textile software and SaaS solutions improve agility, speed to market, efficiency, transparency and sustainability. Coats Digital – transform with intelligencecoatsdigital.com

Coats Digital is the software business of Coats Group, the world’s leading industrial thread company and a trusted industry player.

About FastReactPlan

FastReactPlan is the market-leading apparel production planning software solution, supporting a faster, more reliable order confirmation process and production plan which is optimised for delivery, speed and efficiency.

The highly visual, flexible ‘drag and drop’ approach to planning allows effective master planning across multiple factories, as well as fast, detailed and accurate scheduling of manufacturing lines/machines. Critical pre-production activities and material requirements are dynamically driven by the latest plan on a LEAN ‘just in time’ basis, supporting the reduction of inventory and lead time.

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