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Texbase Offers a Free Trial for Texbase Connect Suppliers


Bozeman, Montana (January 23, 2018) – Texbase, Inc., a cloud-based data management and collaboration platform for the apparel, footwear and consumer products industries, announced today a Free Trial offer for new suppliers joining Texbase Connect.

Texbase Connect enables collaboration up and down the textile supply chain. With the use of Connect, suppliers collaborate with their customers in the areas of material information, testing data and compliance documentation including certificates of conformity. The Connect Free Trial provides a risk-free way for supply chain partners to experience the benefits and comprehensive functionality of Texbase Connect.

“The Free Trial eliminates any delays that may have existed when brands are looking to collaborate with new suppliers prior to going into production. With the Free Trial there’s no reason not to utilize the collaboration capabilities that Texbase Connect provides as soon as possible to further accelerate the introduction of high quality and supremely compliant products.” said Heidi Reilly Director of Business Development.

About Texbase

Texbase provides compliance, testing and material innovation software solutions that power great product experiences for the apparel, footwear and consumer products industries. Texbase is a pioneer in cloud-based business solutions and collaboration platforms that unite brands, retailers, suppliers and testing labs that trace compliance and quality from raw materials to finished product. For additional information, please visit www.Texbase.com.

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