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In our sixth exclusive interview from Texprocess our Editor, Lydia Hanson, caught up with Paul Magel, President of Business Applications & Technology Outsourcing, at Computer Generated Solutions. 

Lydia Hanson: Do you see Texprocess as a regional show, or as an international show?

Paul Magel: We see Texprocess as a truly international show where we can meet clients from several regions including the United States, Europe and Asia. With its ability to bring together these global markets, Texprocess is an important event for us to showcase product developments and new solution releases.

LH: We’ve seen you exhibiting here these last few years. How are you finding the European market?

PM: The European market is key to our strategic growth at CGS. Recently, along with our clients, we have experienced growth within this market with over 2,500 CGS employees based in Europe.

LH: A big part of a presence at any trade fair is uniqueness – offering something special – so what do you think sets you apart from the other vendors that prospective customers are going to be looking at on the show floor?

PM: We have served the fashion, sewn products and consumer lifestyle industry for over 30 years and are proud to arm our customers with powerful and comprehensive tools that drive their fundamental business processes from concept-to-consumer. 

Our solutions stand out to prospective customers because of the built-in capacity to address their specific business needs and goals, including software that drives core management, product development, manufacturing, logistics, finance and sales enablement processes. At Texprocess, we highlight our world-class customer success stories and are able to demonstrate our unique ability to amplify prospective customer’s position in the market.

LH: We see that your company branding has significantly changed this year. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

PM: We updated our branding recently in response to several developing trends we have seen, including the integration of business functions, omnichannel business approaches and the call for a seamless consumer experience.

In addition to our overall company branding, we also rebranded our BlueCherry products. In response to client and market feedback, and to enhance the breadth of our BlueCherry offering, we incorporated our BlueCherry Shop Floor Control solution (formerly Leadtec) and BlueCherry B2B eCommerce (formerly Threadvine) into the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite. Our updated brand architecture enables us to effectively articulate the full scope of BlueCherry’s capabilities across the entire demand and supply chain.

LH: We have seen that the show this year is placing some emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility; there are at least two events exploring sustainability. How does your solution support CSR?

PM: BlueCherry Enterprise Suite supports Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in several ways. First, our PLM solution integrates and manages various types of regulations, whether mandated by a government organization or through internal guidelines, to ensure social, environmental, safety and technical compliance throughout the supply chain.

Secondly, it provides greater control over raw materials and finished goods sourcing, testing compliance, quality assurance, among other key business activities. Along with this support, our solutions enable users to generate and manage CPSIA, GCC and other compliance documentation by linking data from multiple sources to ensure a comprehensive product record is maintained. Our real-time shop floor control solution also enables companies to improve labor-related compliance by providing the visibility and reporting capabilities necessary to comply with customer requirements and growing regulations.

LH: Finally, at Texprocess we see a broad range of systems (2D, 3D, CAM, PLM etc.) that fall under the umbrella of ‘Core PLM & Extended PLM’; do you have plans in place to embrace and integrate other systems into your solution platform? Or, do you already partner with other solutions?

PM: We are constantly working to embrace new technologies to enhance our BlueCherry suite of solutions. Currently, we are continuing to improve our integration with Adobe and are working closely with third party vendors to tighten our integration with 2D and 3D CAD tools. We also integrate with other ERP systems.

*This interview represents the second-to-last in this series.

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