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In the third of our exclusive interviews from Texprocess our Editor, Lydia Hanson, caught up with Eva Fröhlich, Public Relations Officer at Human Solutions GmbH.

Lydia Hanson: As a German company, do you see Texprocess as a regional or an international show?

Eva Fröhlich: For Human Solutions, Texprocess is definitely an international show. We meet our clients from all over the world in Frankfurt and they come with great expectations. For us, the Texprocess is very important – we schedule many of our developments and new releases in order to present them at the Texprocess for the first time, since we know that most of our clients will be there.

LH: And do you find that customers here, in Germany, see PLM as a platform and are investing in it?

EF: We are convinced that PLM is the heart of development and a stimulus from the first draft to product delivery. But we think, Data Management is really only the beginning and therefore, PLM is definitely worth investing in. We make the experience, that more and more companies share this point of view, because “efficiency” is currently one of the most important internal topics.

The seamless integration of data and processes give companies even more in terms of efficiency – and direct integration of satellite systems from CAD to ERP improves results even more. PLM has amazing potential in terms of costs, time and quality.

LH: A big part of a presence at any trade fair is uniqueness, and your booth certainly is something to be reckoned with this year. For our readers, who are unable to experience your presence first-hand, can you elaborate a little on what you think sets you apart from the other vendors that prospective customers are going to be looking at on the show floor?

EF: We always put a lot of energy into creating our booth in order to offer the visitors an attractive place where they want to spend time and be inspired. This year, we wanted to underline our unique market position. We introduced many new products with a focus on 3D with our own 3D World. For example, we have presented our 3D-simulation software Vidya on an iWall. We also have a new solution for Bodyprofiling, which can be used for webshops, etc., and showed 3D-Grading for the first time at the Texprocess. These are only some of numerous highlights. All in all, it was very important for us to show that our products solve the whole fashion process and enable a seamless flow of data along the entire process chain thanks to their interlocking technology.

LH: As you have said, you schedule developments and new releases with Texprocess in mind and the technology on show here certainly proves that. So, how are global supply chain pressures affecting your solution enhancements?

EF: Actually, this is our staff-of-life. We develop solutions so that companies can work more efficiently and decrease their costs. Of course, our clients have to make an investment to introduce a new software. Fortunately, many see the benefits.

LH: We have seen that the show this year is placing some emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility. How does your solution support CSR?

EF: I think the easiest way to answer this one is with an example: the creation of fashion with our 3D-simulation software Vidya makes it possible to reduce the number of samples that must be sewn in the creation process. Often, those realistic samples have to fly around the world many times to be tried on by a house model or to make corrections. So this is one example. We believe it is difficult for us, and others, as a provider of technology solutions to fully support CSR. But of course, we are aware of the importance of CSR especially for the fashion industry.

LH: Lastly, at Texprocess we see a broad range of systems (2D, 3D, CAM, PLM etc.) that fall under the umbrella of ‘Core PLM & Extended PLM’; can you explain for our readers how Assyst PLM & CAD work in harmony with AVM? What is the underlining technology and are they all seamlessly connected?

EF: AVM is part of the Human Solutions Group and provides our ERP solution. All our solutions are developed in a way that they can be connected and work together perfectly – it is our aim to offer everything for a complete process for fashion. Of course, our ERP system joins in seamlessly.

*Watch out for more in this series of interviews over the coming weeks.

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