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Amandine Roy, Pre-Sales Senior Consultant for TXT e-solutions, answers some questions in the fourth of our exclusive interviews from Texprocess.

Lydia Hanson: Firstly, how do you see Texprocess? Do you view the show as regional, or international?

Amandine Roy: TexProcess is certainly an international event, with a natural appeal for companies from the region, whose attendance is typically high. In terms of PLM, we believe this year the event has developed greater importance being the key event in Europe for companies operating in this field.

LH: Do you find that customers here see PLM as a platform and, furthermore, are investing in it?

AR: We are finding that companies in the German market are beginning to expand their requirements from a PDM process to coverage of the entire Product Lifecycle Management process, from placeholder or design, through iterative planning and product collaboration, to include every step until delivery in the warehouse.

The reduction of Time-to-Market is a natural process and essential for successful companies. Tracking of the entire Product Lifecycle process, with visibility of any task exception from the design process, through to addressing any transport issues, is being viewed as an essential requirement by more and more German companies.

LH: And what do you think sets you apart from the other vendors that prospective customers are going to be looking at this year on the show floor?

AR: Our solution capabilities set us apart from other vendors. No other vendor can offer a solution that provides an integrated end-to-end process and associated data dedicated to Retail Fashion from Strategic Merchandising, through Customer focused Assortment Planning, integrated Design, Development, Sourcing, and Supply Chain Management. As mentioned, exception tracking of this entire process is becoming an essential requirement and is a key differentiator of our offering.

LH: And in terms of these capabilities, how are global supply chain pressures affecting the need for enhancements?

AR: The foundation for reacting to the pressures, and rapidly changing dynamics of a global supply chain is the ability to access status at every stage of the entire retail process from a single consolidated viewpoint. This means considering Sourcing strategy during the Merchandising and Assortment Planning processes, understanding the assortment requirements to select appropriate vendors to collaborate with to execute efficient tactical sourcing, consolidating approved sources with on trend customer driven assortments to generate orders that are actioned, tracked, and updated to tailor delivery that maximises margin. In short, a flexible, collaborative and transparent end-to-end Retail solution is an essential toll to maximising margin.

LH: We have seen that the show this year is placing some emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility; there are at least two events exploring sustainability. Can you tell us a bit more about if and how your solution supports CSR?

AR: We already have CSR capability and integration to a CSR portal partner that provides the essential CSR management required to execute our customers’ Supply Chains.

However, as you know, we are also working with WhichPLM CSR experts to help us in the evolution of our CSR capability. We have concentrated on the functions that add the most value to our customer’s processes, and the real value to CSR, rather than only minimum compliance with regulations.

With the help of Chris McCann (WhichPLM CSR advisor) we are continuing to drive new processes linked to regulatory compliance and sustainability and to develop new partnership opportunities around the subject of corporate social responsibility.

LH: As well as this, at Texprocess we see a broad range of systems (2D, 3D, CAM, PLM etc.) that fall under the umbrella of ‘Core PLM & Extended PLM’; do you have plans in place to embrace and integrate other systems into your solution platform? Or, do you already partner with other solutions?

AR: We already integrate with a number of CAD systems within customer solutions. We can also integrate with a wide range of systems, in a way that includes the data and processes managed by those systems into the TXT end-to-end Retail solution. We are always open to partnerships and system integrations that add value to our customers’ retail solutions. We have an open and active partnership programme that involves a wide range of partners.

LH: Finally, in terms of new enhancements, what do you see as emerging process developments to your software solution in the next twelve months?

AR: Many companies are now understanding, and driving for the large benefits that can be realised by the integration of the entire retail process. We are working with a large number of our key customers to further enhance visibility of every key stage of the retail process, and the most effective sharing of data between all roles within the retail process, to maximise margin through the execution of customer driven assortments.

*Look out for the final interviews from Texprocess 2015 soon.

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