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The Koppermann Innovation Workshop 2015 – An industry highlight at the end of the year


As a special highlight at the end of the year, Koppermann once again invites customers and contractors to attend the Koppermann Innovation Workshop at the company headquarters in the south of Munich. The Koppermann team was delighted to welcome more than 100 participants of the 40 leading companies in the international fashion industry, and to invest a few exciting and informative days together.


The first day commenced with a tight programme centred around the Koppermann Design Solution TEX-DESIGNTM. In recent years, the creators of tomorrow’s fashion have come under growing pressure when designing their collections, and it’s thus little surprise that the latest developments in software-based collection design by Koppermann were therefore greeted with great enthusiasm. The intensive and direct exchange of the Koppermann creative development department with the most experienced users of the industry was once again a key topic. After all, Koppermann has been considered the market leader for efficient solutions in the fashion and clothing industry for the past 20 years for good reason, since the long-term and sustainable partnership between development and application drive innovation in tune with the times.

This lively partnership also forms the basis to the subsequent project management workshop, a point of contact for creators and decision-makers for the latest collection development processes.  Longstanding partners such as Marc O’Polo and Schöffel presented their latest Koppermann solutions for process management and innovative data management. Another special highlight was presented the team of a famous British luxury brand, which exclusively reported about its Koppermann Project solution for efficient space management, hitherto unique on the market.

In addition to the exciting reference reports, the distinguished audience was presented with the latest creations by the Koppermann innovation house, in keeping with the company guideline “Innovative with a passion”.

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