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The WhichPLM Comparison Tool Is Live


On 1 April, WhichPLM launched another industry first – a revolution designed to put hard facts in the hands of customers. Designed to allow you, our users, to compare a wide range of PLM solutions on more than 75 discrete criteria, our bespoke Comparison Tool software uses meticulously indexed and analysed data to compile a shortlist of the solutions that are right for you. Supported by our decades of experience and the participation of a huge range of suppliers, the WhichPLM Comparison Tool is truly one of a kind.

We know that PLM will represent one your largest business and technology investments, and we know from first-hand experience that picking the right solution for your unique business needs is critical. Even though you know the challenges your business faces and may have decided that a PLM solution is the answer, with more suppliers than ever selling everything from out-of-the-box systems to completely bespoke solutions, navigating the market can be difficult to say the least.

We designed the WhichPLM Comparison Tool to help.

It is intended to allow the true end-users of PLM – whether they are retailers, brands or manufacturers – to narrow down the daunting array of options in today’s market and arrive at a list of only those solutions that meet their unique business needs.

Users can be confident that we have no conflicts of interest when it comes to recommending a solution – we sit on no boards, we have no input into the design or development of suppliers’ solutions, we hold no shares, we do not solicit or take commission and are invested only in the progression of the industry as a whole.   Our aim has been to provide the most user-friendly and powerful method of comparing PLM solutions – helping end-users to make sense of the market and make informed buying decisions.

At the end of the selection process, you will be directed to our new and improved supplier listings to learn more about the suppliers who have made it onto your shortlist, find out how to contact them and, most importantly, discover whether or not they have been independently verified by our team of experts.

You will need to register in order to use the Comparison Tool, and access is restricted to end-users only.  This is done so that we can provide a service that is focused on the needs of the customers it was intended for, based on data gleaned through the gracious cooperation of suppliers across the industry and impartially collated and analysed by the WhichPLM team of experts.

We are more than happy to arrange in-person demonstrations of the software and processes that make up the Comparison Engine to suppliers, but we believe it is in the best interests of our users (and their prospective customers) that access is restricted to those end-users only.

With a majority of the industry on board, the Comparison Tool has already seen strong interest from all sectors of the market.  Why not join them?  If you are a retailer, brand or manufacturer looking to compare a wide range of PLM solutions, the WhichPLM Comparison Tool was created specifically for you.

You can sign up to request access to the Comparison Tool here.

Ben Hanson Ben Hanson is one of WhichPLM’s top contributors. Ben has worked for magazines, newspapers, local government agencies, multi-million pound conservation projects, museums and creative publications before his eventual migration to the Retail, Footwear and Apparel industry.Having previously served as WhichPLM’s Editor, Ben knows the WhichPLM style, and has been responsible for many of our on-the-ground reports and interviews over the last few years. With a background in literature, marketing and communications, Ben has more than a decade’s worth of experience, and is now viewed as one of the industry’s best-known writers.