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Trade in Asia Ltd improve visibility through Fast React’s Vision


Fast React LogoEstablished in 2001, Trade in Asia Ltd is a fast growing ‘one-stop’ global sourcing provider of Men’s, Ladies and Children’s clothing. From the companies Head Office in Hong Kong and their sales office in London, the business provides supply chain management solutions for leading retail chain operators.

With a management team having over 30 years’ experience working with major retailers, Trade in Asia has a clear understanding of their responsibilities to provide a reliable and reactive service, priding themselves on successful design, competitive prices, assured quality and speed to market. Based in Hong Kong, the business also has greater flexibility to trade in a wider range of manufacturing zones.

Having management solutions that include Raw Material Sourcing, Design, Product Development and Testing and Fit Management; Trade in Asia’s Vision solution will feature Purchase Order control with Critical Path tracking and remote supplier collaboration.

Andrew Lever, CEO, commented: “At Trade in Asia, our key focus is to provide products that the shop consumer recognises as the right product to buy and in achieving this; our clients may enjoy fast sales at the planned sales price. We believe being the most profitable supplier is more important than being the cheapest. The market place is proving to be challenging for all of our clients and it is our duty to show our support. To make that happen we need to work to shorter lead times in order to maximize potential and allow our clients the opportunity to decide on styling until the last possible moment. Fast React’s Vision provides a clear and uncomplicated priority list of ‘the tasks in hand’ to manage even tighter deadlines.

“Over the past 15 years I have evaluated many solutions available on the market that all tend to over complicate the process and in fact hinder rather than help. In choosing Fast React’s Vision, I am providing both my staff and suppliers the opportunity to see clearly where they are and remain in control so that all processes up until delivery may be performed accurately and on time.”

Andy Hinton, Business Development Director at Fast React Systems said: “Vision has been designed to give clarity, coordination and control. For companies in the fashion retailing and sourcing business, it provides a single, reliable point of reference of all key processes. Trade in Asia are implementing Vision to enhance their business procedures, which in this climate will help them to continue to maximise their potential.”

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