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University of Oregon Sports Product Design MS program adopts swatchbook


Sport product design program to add swatchbook to Material and Manufacturing class

Irvine, CA, October 9, 2019 – swatchbook, inc., the designers and makers of the cloud-based material lifecycle management platform swatchbook announced today that the Sports Product Design MS program at the University of Oregon will adopt swatchbook’s material management and sourcing platform as part of their 2020 curriculum, and make it available free of charge to all students in the program.

“We’re very excited to include swatchbook into our curriculum”, says Alex Xu, Assistant Professor, Sports Product Design. “As the first graduate program in the United States dedicated to the invention of new sports products, we are always exploring ways to adopt emerging tools to revolutionize the creative process. swatchbook is one of those tools that can make a difference.”

How swatchbook will be used

swatchbook will be a crucial component in the Materials and Manufacturing course that connects the student with the supply chain. Students will use swatchbook as a tool to evaluate products through the development process to assess cost, evaluate components, render with true-to-scale materials, and compile Tech Packs. swatchbook enables students to optimize manufacturability and sustainability.

“We are thrilled that with Alex’s vision and drive to bring swatchbook into the Sport Product Design Program”, says Yazan Malkosh, CEO and Founder of swatchbook. “Recognizing tools and applications of the future and making them available students is vital in developing the designers of tomorrow, and preparing them for the real world.”

University of Oregon’s Master of Science in Sports Product Design

The University of Oregon is the only school in the United States to offer a Master of Science in Sports Product Design. Students come to the program with backgrounds in design, engineering, biomechanics, graphics and art. This master’s degree program is developing the next generation of innovative designers to inspire athletes around the world to play harder, run faster, and push the boundaries of the sport. Students who graduate from this program will be capable of making strong contributions to the sports design culture of Oregon and the world at large.

swatchbook’s education program

swatchbook is offering access to its platform and mobile app free of charge to staff and students of educational institutions. This also includes access to the almost 10,000 real materials provided by suppliers, and curated by swatchbook’s service centers.

Depending on the usage, additional storage and rendering can be purchase for a nominal fee. To learn more please contact sales@swatchbook.us.

Learn more

To learn more about swatchbook’s offerings and latest capabilities please visit www.swatchbook.us.

About swatchbook, inc

swatchbook is a design & software company that develops applications that make you smile. Founded in 2017, the company focuses on the development of cloud, desktop & mobile software applications that help integrate the creative community within an organization into the product development process.

swatchbook is located in sunny Irvine, CA. Its founders share a deep passion for good design & workflow, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges in the digital product development process & the future needs of companies in many industries.

About University of Oregon School of Art + Design

The School of Art + Design in the College of Design at the University of Oregon is a community of creatively and critically engaged artists and designers. Our work mines the intersection of thinking, making, seeing, and questioning.

Our faculty are engaged in forward-looking research. We grapple with rapidly changing social conditions, contributing to new ideas in our fields and working with new and old technologies in innovative ways. Some of our work focuses on solving problems and other work generates problems. The Art + Design faculty are exhibiting, installing, doing residencies and commissions, securing grants and awards, lecturing and publishing across the nation and internationally.

Students in the UO School of Art + Design have the opportunity to study intensively across a uniquely broad set of studio practices, within a flagship research university. Art students can study 21st-century approaches to sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, fibers, and metalsmithing. Art & Technology majors explore the potential of new technologies in an art context, working with interactivity, video, animation, visual communications, and emerging technology. Students in Product Design learn to design objects for use across a broad range of scales and purposes—tools, transportation, technology, clothing, furniture, and sporting equipment—to fit a changing world.

The School of Art + Design’s NASAD-accredited programs offer undergraduate degrees in Art, Art & Technology, and Product Design. Bachelor’s degrees (BA or BS) encourage liberal arts breadth and interdisciplinary connections, while the Bachelor of fine arts (BFA) degree is a studio-intensive program allowing concentrated study. At the graduate level, we offer the interdisciplinary MFA in Art, as well as the Portland-based master’s in Sports Product Design.

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