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Vector Vogue Announces Availability of Verve Sketch For Windows, Apple and Linux


Highly Anticipated Verve Sketch Collaborative Design Tool for Apparel Market Now Available

(MANCHESTER, UK., – 6 JUNE 2011 ) Vector Vogue Limited today announced the immediate availability of the Verve Sketch creative design application for all mainstream platforms. Verve Sketch is a collaborative design application that integrates with all current versions of Adobe™ Illustrator including CS3,CS4 and CS5 as well as other vector drawing applications such as Microsoft™ Expression Design 4 and Corel™ Draw. Verve Sketch is built on Adobe’s Air framework meaning the application is independent of operating system with versions available across all platforms including: Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Apple™ Mac and Android™.

Verve Sketch fits into any designer’s product development workflow by providing over 10,000 multi layered, vector drawn product styles and components for use in the apparel creative design process. All product styles and components have been created based on industry pattern cutting techniques increasing transition speeds between design sketches to pattern construction and prototyping. All product styles provided via Verve Sketch feature a standardised family of avatars on which users can base their respective designs, ensuring that relative scaling and creative designs remain consistent across entire organisations. Along with the extensive components library which includes collars, fronts, backs, sleeves, cuffs, plackets, international standard wash care labels and seam types, there are few new shapes or trends which cannot be created as construction drawings using the Verve Sketch application.

Verve Sketch is a ‘Cloud’ based application with a thin client existing on the user’s platform and all the content is delivered rapidly via the Internet. This allows for the product style libraries to be seamlessly updated with new garments, parts and the latest new fashion trends from the industry on a day by day basis and removes the need for a locally indexed central storage resource for designer’s construction drawings.

The Verve Sketch software also promises that out-of-the-box, designers will be able to use the technology without the need for training or additional resources. It has an easy to navigate GUI that means users will be instantly familiar with the tool and be able to find the exact product styles or parts they want quickly and efficiently, and with its inbuilt support for the whole Adobe Suite, Verve Sketch will expedite the whole design process.


Mark Harrop, managing director, Vector Vogue

“Throughout my 37 years in the industry, I’ve always come across the same issues, how do we help creative designers and garment technicians with apparel technology systems; and how do we maintain a consistent foundation for creative design throughout the product lifecycle? Verve Sketch has been designed to answer these questions and more. Helping to reduce wastage spent trawling through directories or network file stores. A massive reduction in re-amending last season’s drawings or  having to spend an hour creating a detailed technical sketch of freehand sketches to obtain the latest trends. Verve Sketch has been designed from the ground up with designers in mind, and whatever style or component they need, it will be easily available to them through this software.”

Paul Timpson, managing director, General Sewing Data

“Where-as GSD looks at creative design from a detailed labour costing point of view, this software really allows for highly detailed creative construction drawings for the apparel industry. It’s really fast and looks good, it’s full of  rich content to enable the designers to deliver the latest trends and most importantly it requires no real overheads or training.”

Pricing and Availability

Verve Sketch is available now on a 12 month licence subscription and prices range from £6,500 for a 10 user solution (Small enterprise) to £52,000 for 51+ users (Large Enterprise). Prices vary depending on number of users and type of business/institution.

Please contact Vector Vogue for purchase information.

To learn more about the product, please visit www.vectorvogue.com

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