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Verve Sketch Software releases milestone revision in Verve Sketch 1.3


(Manchester, UK, 28 June 2012) A garment design, however detailed, is just a drawing until it’s manufactured.  In a cost-conscious market, today’s designers are increasingly being asked to take account of the costs and practicalities of the manufacturing process in their designs.  This can prove an impossible task since, while material costs are often well-documented, the cost of the labour required to transform even the most accurately-industrialised designs into real garments is often a completely unknown quantity.

The latest milestone release of Verve Sketch, the industrialised garment and component drawing library from Verve Sketch Software, is designed to remove that uncertainty – enabling rapid, accurate and consistent costing to take place before a garment leaves its designer’s workstation.

Alongside a host of other functionality improvements and usability features, Verve Sketch 1.3 (the company’s most comprehensive update to date) adds GSD-certified estimated cost data to each of the styles in the 10,000-strong Verve Sketch library.  Calculated according to user-defined preferences, the new cost system provides labour costs in the established Standard Minute Value format, with minimum, average, and maximum costs designed to provide the most complete picture possible of the cost of transforming components, styles, and full garments from designs to reality.  These figures are regularly checked and updated, and can be fine-tuned by the user, who can also add typical packaging costs to their final figure to gain yet further insight into the cost implications of their design choices.

Users seeking greater detail in labour costing can easily graduate from the high-level summary contained within Verve Sketch to the meticulous and design-specific standard minute values seen in GSD’s own solutions.

Beyond labour costs, Verve Sketch 1.3 brings additional data to all the styles and components in its growing library. Descriptions and keywords speed navigation, and the ability to add user-defined data (specific to each named user) to any item adds yet more context to an already rich system.

All of this additional data is recorded in an industry-standard format (XMP meta data) and as such can be seamlessly incorporated into virtually any PLM system, or exported via the cross-platform Adobe Bridge.

As well as these far-reaching changes under the hood, Verve Sketch 1.3 also introduces a number of usability improvements.  Foremost among these is the way that shopping baskets can now be pinned to the software window, allowing users to check costing data, manipulate their selections, and initiate downloads without ever leaving the main library window.  To do justice to the wealth of new data populating the Verve Sketch library, users can now search multiple terms, making it easier than ever to find the garment or style they are looking for.

As a further demonstration of the commitment to the user experience that has characterised Verve Sketch Software’s work to date, feedback on images and core functionality can now be provided from within the software itself.  Users are never more than a click away from letting the Verve Sketch team know what they think.

Obtaining the update

Due to the volume of changes and radical new functionality included in version 1.3, all users of Verve Sketch (new and existing) will be required to download the latest release from our website.  Existing users of Verve Sketch are requested to uninstall the current version of the software before obtaining version 1.3.  If you don’t already have Verve Sketch, a demo account can be obtained from our download page free of charge.

Change log

  • Added Information button to access more information about the image
  • Added GSD costing data, allowing you to get an estimated cost for a garment
  • Changed over to new server and new database to allow for easier expansion in the future
  • Images are now sent with XMP data to allow easy integration into other systems
  • Added feedback buttons allowing you to quickly and easily give us feedback about the application or a specific image
  • Removed ability to search by filename
  • Added ability to search on multiple terms
  • Added ability to pin your basket as a sidebar
  • Added start-up basket options in preferences
  • New colour scheme
  • Added labour cost selector in preferences
  • Changed style and component tree layout
  • Menu trees will now search every time you click on an item
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