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Vidya Award 2015 goes to Sigmaringen and Stuttgart


Kaiserslautern, 12.06.2015 The winners of the Vidya Award 2015 were honored yesterday in Kaiserslautern. First place goes to a joint design by three students from the Sigmaringen Fashion School. Second place goes to Franziska Bayreuther of the Ker-schensteiner School in Stuttgart. 

Product development in the apparel industry is currently subject to a paradigm shift from 2D to 3D. The challenge for the Vidya Award this year was to digitally develop a print motive and a model pattern for a ladies garment in size 38 – on a SizeGERMANY avatar, a digital hu-man model. The solution “Simulate, Print and Go!” provided the condi-tions for the task, since the print motive was printed by the coopera-tion partner Mitwill Textiles Europe. The students could then sew their model.

1st place for the Sigmaringen Fashion School 

Three students from the Sigmaringen Fashion School won the top honors. With their joint design which they named “Skyline”, Lilli Her-moni, Sarah Kienzler and Luisa Witzmann shared first place and a cash prize of €1,000. “Skyline” is a white dress with black trims on the necklines and hem – and the trims display the silhouette of skyscrap-ers. When the dress is rotated through 90 degrees, the result is a sur-prising cityscape. The jury praised the harmonious design that was realistically simulated in Vidya.

Vidya_Award_Team Skyline

Second place for the Kerschensteiner School, Stuttgart 

Second place goes to the Kerschensteiner School in Stuttgart. Fran-ziska Bayreuther won the prestigious second prize and receives a cash prize of €500. She designed a dress with an elaborate pattern. It’s printed with a deliberately distorted picture, which she took while out for an evening stroll. A poem by Pablo Neruda is also printed on the dress. The jury praised the artistic aspect and the excellent work-manship of the dress.

The Vidya Award creates an incentive for students to work with 3D product development as part of their education. Around 40 applica-tions were received for the Vidya Award 2015. The Award addresses to schools and universities which have a Department of Textile and Clothing Technology in which the 3D simulation software Vidya is used.


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