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Virtual prototyping to make a splash with real-feel imagery


Fashion designers using the 3DaaS (3D as a Service solution) developed by Virtuality.Fashion can now look forward to the next level of user experience and prototype-assurances. As segment leaders specializing in virtual 3D prototyping for the fashion industry, Virtuality.Fashion has chosen Vizoo as their partner for 3D material scanning. With this integration in place, fashion designers are better placed to tackle the typical uncertainties that accompany the conventional design processes during the simulation and prototyping stages.

Speedy creation of digital prototypes that are as close to reality as possible is a big challenge in the fashion design arena. With the right 3D visualization platform, fashion designers can drastically cut down the time, resources and cost necessary for finalizing their creative output.
However, the ability to realistically simulate the feel of the fabrics has been one of the biggest challenges facing this software sector until now.

Leveraging upon the superior fabric scan capabilities that Vizoo bring to the table, Virtuality.Fashion now offers couturiers the advantage of seeing, and almost feeling, their fashion collections spring to life – virtually, in front of their eyes. The development is a boon for designers as the journey from drawing board to prototype – visualization of fashion designs – is now but a few mouse clicks away. The synergetic tie-up between the tech duo is all set to unleash a paradigm shift in the area of virtual fashion clothing simulation. Fashion designers no longer need worry about how their end product will emerge, in terms of design, and look and feel. No more uncertainties about the end product, no more endless hours spent in vain.

The integration is a boost for Virtuality.Fashion, who are constantly aiming for enhanced user experience and customer satisfaction. “Ever since Virtuality.Fashion started its activities almost 4 years ago, it became very clear that the quality of fabric scans is crucial to achieve photo-realistic 3D virtualization results”, says Amnon Shalev, CEO of Virtuality.Fashion. “Every time our global team of 3D artists is using Vizoo’s fabric scans, the results are perfect, therefore we decided to integrate their file format into our online portal”

Thus far, involved with other industry verticals, Vizoo consider the application of their tools to the high-speed, high-stakes fashion industry as a welcome development. “This integration will allow our clients to create super realistic 3D visualizations, with the help of Virtuality.Fashion.” Martin Semsch, Managing Director of Vizoo, explains. “Our collaboration is a logical step to provide a flexible 3D toolset.”

About Virtuality.Fashion

Virtuality.Fashion is at the forefront of enabling designers to simplify their 3D virtual prototyping processes. Intuitive interfaces that allow fashion designers to conjure up their fashion designs, scrap them if they don’t meet expectations, and come up with new virtual simulations. Virtuality.Fashion has bypassed the traditional system of inputting product designs in 2D format to obtain 3D simulations. Now, it only takes a picture to create a 3D prototype with Virtuality.Fashion.

They foresee a not-so-distant future, where designers, brand managers and pattern makers will collaborate extensively over 3D virtual simulations, to create Fast Fashion.

About Vizoo

Vizoo offers a new way to easily create 3D materials. The xTex Scanner captures material samples fast and accurately, while the xTex software provides useful tools for texture processing. With a capture and calculation time of only two minutes, textures based on physical material information and up to 2000 dpi are now available almost instantly. The tool focuses on clarity and effectiveness, so even inexperienced users can create stunning materials.

Founded in Germany, Erlangen in 2013 by Martin Semsch and Reinhard Meier, Vizoo is a small team of people working together with a strong network of partners and suppliers. Its main products, the xTex Scanner and xTex Software, are already utilized to create 3D materials all over the world by fashion and automotive companies.

Furthermore, Vizoo provides a care-free material service, digitizing client’s entire material library onsite or remotely.

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