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Visual 2000 International announces new strategic alliance with Cybex Retail Systems


Visual 2000 has established a global agreement with Cybex Systems. Visual’s extensive End-2-End product suite will integrate with Cybex innovative retail POS system for the apparel and footwear industry.

Montreal, QC CANADA May 20th, 2014

Visual 2000 International is pleased to announce details of their new strategic alliance with Cybex Systems based in Canada who specialize in enterprise retail solutions for the apparel and footwear industry.

Visual 2000’s Vice President of Research and Development Charles Benoualid commented:

“With its integrated End-2-End package, Visual 2000 combines all the tools and information fashion companies need to succeed in a single packaged business solution. With first-of-its-kind integration and interoperability, Visual End2End™ serves as the single source for the product development, production, distribution and other critical business information that has traditionally been restricted to several independent systems. We are partnering with Cybex systems as their retail technology and expertise fits perfectly within Visual 2000 Omni-channel solution for retail, wholesale and manufacturing verticals.”

Cybex Enterprise Retail System is specifically designed for retail companies oriented towards footwear, clothing, and sporting goods. It is designed for companies that are managed from one or more central locations, with 5 to 300 retail stores.

Cybex leading-edge technology provides greater flexibility, scalability and ease of use. The System is a complete set of retail and business management tools that allow effective and efficient input, organization and access to information you need to drive retail enterprise.

Cybex Managing Director Lazar Belos adds; a complete seamless integration between Visual 2000 ERP solution and Cybex Enterprise Retail System leverages your investment by optimizing and connecting your operations, while maintaining a single source for your enterprise business information.

About Cybex Systems

Founded in 1986, Cybex Systems has demonstrated a proven track record to manage and install retail management systems in excess of 100 terminals.  Clients include multi-million dollar companies with combined revenues exceeding $1 Billion. They are presently responsible for supporting more than 1000 workstations in almost every State and Province in North America. In 2007 announced new installations in Europe and South America supporting localized currency, language, and tax specifications.

The flagship product Cybex Enterprise Retail System reflects a significant number of innovative designs and technology not found in other competitive product.

Visit http://www.cybexsystems.com/index.html

About Visual 2000 International

Visual 2000 International Inc develops and markets End-2-End software solutions for the Fashion and Softgoods industries; including Visual PLM.net® product lifecycle management (PLM), Visual ERP.net™ enterprise resource planning (ERP), Visual SCM.net™ supply chain management (SCM), Visual WMS.net™ warehouse management system (WMS), Visual BIP.net™ business intelligence and planning (BI), Visual EDI.net™ electronic data interchange (EDI), and Visual SFA.net™ sales force automation software (SFA) solutions.

Visual 2000 products leverage leading-edge Microsoft® technologies such as SQL Server®, .NET framework, and the Silverlight™ development platform. Headquartered in Montreal, Visual 2000 maintains offices and distribution channels in Canada, the United States, Europe and China. For more information.

Visit http://www.visual-2000.com.

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