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Visual 2000 Launches New Responsive Website to Optimize Customer Experience for all Devices


Visual 2000 International Inc., the leading provider of omni-channel software for the fashion industry, has released a new responsive web property. The site streamlines product information and provides users with a seamless experience across mobile and desktop devices.

“We recognize that our customers might not always be viewing the website from their laptop computer,” said Charles Benoualid, VP of Research and Development. “It was important to us that our software information be displayed in a consistent manner across all devices.”

Beyond the improved accessibility, the Visual 2000 team has revised the site content to put the focus directly on Visual’s out-of-the-box software solutions. Their flagship End2End omni-channel software takes center stage while supporting information for their ERP, PLM and eCommerce solutions has also been reworked for simplicity. The company is confident that the new approach will help apparel, footwear and fashion accessory companies make a more informed buying decision.

“Determining which business software to purchase can be difficult,” noted Charles. “Most of our customers do a lot of online research before reaching out for a product demo. Knowing that, we did our best to simplify information provided to give a clear view of all the benefits of Visual 2000 products.” Other features of the website include:

-Expanded tutorials and training for existing customers.

-Testimonials showcasing customer success stories.

-An extensive archive of company related news.

Translations of the site will be available later this year to assist global users in their decision to adopt omni-channel retail software. Potential customers are invited to explore the new website to learn more about the full suite of Visual 2000 software.

About Visual 2000 International:

Based in Montreal, QC, Visual 2000 is the leading provider of Omni-channel Apparel ERP & PLM Software in North America. They are established worldwide with distribution channels in Toronto, New-York, Los Angeles, South America, UK, Continental Europe, Australia and China. This year, Visual 2000 celebrated fifteen years in business, providing agility, continuity and world-class services and solutions.

For more information about us, please visit http://www.visual-2000.com

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