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Visual Next Announces a Boutique Approach to Technical Support with New Director of Customer Services


Montreal, Canada – December 13, 2018 – Visual Next understands that it requires more than best-of-breed ERP and PLM software to propel a business to the next level. A truly successful digital transformation involves in-depth and personalized service to properly implement and support a new business system. Visual Next is excited to announce the promotion of Isabel Santander within their team of fashion technology experts as the new Director of Customer Services. The company has been providing End-to-End software solutions tailored to the fashion, accessories, footwear, uniform industry for over 20 years. In addition to preparing their 550 global customers for the future apparel business technology, Visual Next is leveraging their team’s expertise to provide a boutique approach to customer services.

Isabel Santander brings an impressive 31 years of expertise and knowledge to Visual Next from working in the field of fashion and technology. Santander has notably worked with Momentis, Robin International and Typhoon International. Santander’s deep understanding of apparel enterprise systems, as well as project and account management, will be a direct benefit to Visual Next customers. This will enable her, as Director of Customer Services, to enhance Visual Next’s technical support and implementation services, ensuring project timelines are always met and customer satisfaction improves.

“With years of experience in customer service and project management, Isabel understands exactly who our customers are, and what support they need to run their daily operations,” exclaims Terri Ghio, Vice President of Visual Next. “Visual Next is in a unique position to be able to offer our customers highly personalized services that other PLM and ERP companies lack. Providing good service is not simply based on the expertise of the service provider, but finding a professional that will take the time to understand that particular businesses’ needs, processes and even corporate culture is key.”

“I am excited to take on the role as Director of Customer Services,” expressed Isabel Santander. “Visual Next has a fabulous product that has proven to enhance fashion businesses all over the world. Product, however, only represents 50% of a company. As Visual Next is also in the business of serving and supporting their customer base, my mission is to ensure every single Visual Next user is 100% satisfied with the services they are receiving.”

The promotion of Santander within the Visual Next team is one of many advancements the organization is currently undergoing. 2019 will mark an impressive push of new product launches, additions of specialists to the team, and more. Keep up to date with Visual Next at www.visualnext.com.

About Visual Next

Visual Next provides End2End software to apparel, footwear, uniform, and fashion accessory companies. More than 550 companies around the world take advantage of Visual Next’s advanced ERP, PLM, supply chain management, warehouse optimization, business intelligence software and more. Learn more about Visual Next here: www.visualnext.com

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