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Visual Next Announces Technology Partnership with ISKO


Montreal, Quebec, and London, UK – October 24, 2019 – Visual Next, a leading provider of world-class End2End software solutions for the fashion, footwear, accessories and uniform industries, announced today that it has been selected by ISKO, one of the largest producers of denim fabric, to implement its End2End suite of solutions. Visual Next is part of the CGS Business Applications division portfolio of products.

ISKO has chosen to implement the Visual Next Suite to harmonize the creative products arm of the business. The company will utilize the Visual Next PLM, ERP, SFA, RTS and BI applications, to give business wider access to information, in particular the sampling and design team, as well as the external supply chain. This project will also enable the team to regulate its internal and external processes.

Visual PLM grants ISKO total control of the product development process, especially where the sample and testing is of paramount concern, while Visual RTS and Visual ERP combined with Visual BI will grant them access to real-time production management as well as key reporting and statistics. SFA will allow the company’s sales team and agents the ability to view and create real-time orders via a browser, enabling them to react to demand far more robustly and confidently.

Sara Baron, Senior Sourcing Manager at ISKO, said: “Working with Visual Next will offer ISKO a standardized model and an efficient tool that will foster greater productivity in all production steps until the final garment. Visual Next will be providing our team the correct set of systems to deliver in a timely manner, with a more successful and closer-to-market approach that the business is taking.”

ISKO chose Visual Next for its expertise in services to denim textile production market. Another primary standout was the ability to manage the production via a handheld terminal, which directly communicates real-time data from the production line to the whole business. ISKO also found the ability to hold a multi-level bill of materials of importance, giving the necessary level of visibility for the complex nature of the denim production.

Dave Hampson, Visual Next European Business Development Director, is eager to start working with the ISKO team. “Visual Next is proud to be able to begin a journey with them, which will lead to a greater level of visibility across departments, ensuring adoption and increased productivity at a very early stage of the deployment. Visual Next is known for our out-of-the-box solution built for quick deployment and powerful configuration to accommodate unique products.”


As a world-leading ingredient brand, ISKO is the only denim mill in the world to have been awarded both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel. The company has a production capacity of 300 million meters of fabric per year with 2,000 high-tech automated looms. ISKO has a global presence, with offices in 35 countries, and is part of SANKO TEKSTIL, the textiles division of the SANKO Group. The SANKO Group is one of the largest conglomerates in the world, active in a wide range of sectors from construction and energy, to packaging, financial services, health care and education. It is also a major investor in renewable energy, including hydroelectric and wind power plants.

ISKO is a trademark of SANKO TEKSTIL.


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