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Visual Next Extends Fashion Software Offering to Southeast Asia with ValueAura Partnership


April 19th, 2018Montreal, CanadaVisual Next, the leading provider of End-to-End software solutions for the apparel industry, announces their strategic partnership with ValueAura, extending Visual Next’s offering to the region of Southeast Asia. ValueAura is an international technology company specializing in aiding businesses with their digital transformations and business process improvements.


The strategic partnership will enable companies located in Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, India and Vietnam to benefit from Visual Next’s fashion-specific software suite, with the expertise of the local ValueAura team. With offices and partners in the key fashion capitals of the world, including recent partnerships in Mexico, Visual Next is dedicated to empowering businesses of all geographic markets with tailored software solutions to effectively and cost efficiently reach their next business milestone.


Ramesh De Silva, Co-Founder and Senior Consultant for ValueAura, exclaimed, “We have witnessed first-hand the frustrations endured by textile and apparel business owners to succeed amidst hyper-consumerism, complex supply chains, compliance, growing competition and shrinking margins. Trust placed in costly alternate ERP solutions has resulted in systems too rigid to support the precise needs of a fashion business. Businesses are managing these shortfalls through manual spreadsheets or internally built, non-standard, peripheral systems that result in duplication of effort, causing more interference.”


“This is why we strongly believe,” De Silva continued, “that the Visual Next End2End suite is the perfect solution for the fashion industry. Visual Next’s world-class solutions coupled with ValueAura’s deep concerted roots in apparel, possessing over 100 success stories in process excellence, is a partnership that will empower fashion businesses to overcome challenges and manage the progressive fashion needs of tomorrow.”


Charles Benoualid, VP of Research and Development at Visual Next, explains, “For the past 20 years, Visual Next been focused on streamlining the operations of fashion, footwear, accessories and soft goods companies. We are excited to extend our offering to the apparel manufacturing capitols of the world, with the technology experts of ValueAura. Our latest Real Time Shop Floor Monitoring system will have a strong focus in this region, providing manufacturers with a web-based platform to streamline their operations, and track every detail from product to worker output.”





Visual Next provides End2End software to apparel, footwear, uniform, and fashion accessory companies. More than 550 companies around the world take advantage of Visual Next’s advanced ERP, PLM, supply chain management, warehouse optimization and business intelligence software, and more. For more information, visit http://www.visualnext.com


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Mandy Benoualid

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ValueAura specializes in Digital Transformation, Process Improvement & Software Development. Our strong foundation in ICT and Textile & Apparel industry help businesses transform their underlying business models, operational processes and customer experience by leveraging emerging technologies. For more information, visit http://www.valueaura.com.



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Ramesh De Silva

Co-Founder & Senior Consultant


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