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Visual Next Launches Next Generation PLM, Accelerating Product Development with Fully Mobile Solution


Montreal, QC, January 21, 2019 — Visual Next, leading provider of End2End solutions, announces innovative enhancements to the Visual PLM solution bringing their customers into the IoT world of real-time global collaboration and digitizing multiple business processes from design through product development. The new Visual PLM solution includes a complete update in HTML5, an enhanced Adobe Design integration, 3D Digital Body Scanning, embedded Artificial Intelligence with image recognition, and a Precision Color Management integration for digital color analysis. The new Visual PLM features will be previewed during an exclusive webinar on February 14th.

Visual Next is proud to introduce its latest innovations in Product Lifecycle Management, meeting the needs of the new connected consumer and mobilizing the workforce with digital enhancements. Visual PLM is now accessible from any device at any time, offering greater digital collaboration capabilities to increase speed to market. Charles Benoualid, VP of Research and Development at Visual Next states, “This is the most exciting advancement in our technology to date. Visual PLM in HTML5 is a complete rewrite of our solution that leapfrogs the industry with a fully mobile, browser-based solution. This enables us to deliver the solution on any device with mobile-enabled technology and automatically display the data to the user based on their device and business needs accurately and efficiently, elevating PLM into the future of fashion.”

Visual PLM provides enhancements in multiple operational areas, streamlining and digitizing processes in design, production, testing, compliance, and supplier and factory collaboration, simplifying management across the supply chain. The solution is delivered with role-based dashboards to meet the daily management requirements of each team member with the ability to easily design and build personalized dashboard.

The HTML rewrite not only delivers mobile-enabled technology, but provides a platform that is easily accessed globally across the enterprise ecosystem with multi-lingual and multi-cultural capabilities. The platform is licensed by the company without additional license requirements for partners, suppliers, agents, and factories, eliminating the cost barrier to truly collaborate.

Visual PLM is now embedded into the Adobe Suite, enabling Design and Product Development teams to leverage a single workspace. The brand-new Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop integration provides users the ability to save designs and iterations directly in PLM without leaving their Adobe workspace.

In addition, the new 3D Body Scanning feature in the latest Visual PLM release facilitates the scan and capture of fit information with the click of a button, and imports the fit data into PLM, ensuring the consistency of point of measure. The stress points are also identified with Visual PLM’s fit algorithms, empowering the technical team to share such key information from 3D fit sessions with partners, in real-time.

The recently announced partnership with ColourMart to include Precision Color Management tools to the new Visual PLM promises to streamline and improve the speed and accuracy of color palette management, lab dip approvals, bulk fabric color QC, and other color processes.

This new tool connected to Visual PLM transforms traditionally manual, time-consuming, and subjective color tasks into more accurate and responsive processes.

Artificial Intelligence adds the power of image, text and pattern recognition by scanning a swatch or product and performing advanced searches across competitive landscapes in seconds using attributes and intelligence for Merchandisers and Planners.

Terri Ghio, VP of Sales and Business Development at Visual Next, explains that, “Today’s consumer is more demanding and personalization is imperative, pressuring manufacturers and designers to deliver faster. Streamlining the product lifecycle with digital technology, mobile and IoT is imperative to meet market and consumer demands. Our solution is built to help create, simplify, collaborate and integrate, making the creative user’s work easier while keeping up with the demands of managing business process. The future of fashion is based on innovation and mobilizing the supply chain. It is happening faster than ever before and businesses require innovation to meet omnichannel demands. Digitizing those operational areas provides agility in the workforce, higher accuracy and faster decision making. Enabling global users to access a single platform on any device with data that is relevant at that moment in time, provides an organization with the technology to support their omni-vision initiative and to react and deliver faster.”

Visual Next’s progressive customers are deploying or updating this next generation PLM platform including Mountain Equipment Coop, J.McLaughlin, Hybrid Apparel, Ivonne, Montelle Intimates, and more. Manager of Merchandise Operations at Beyond Proper by Boston Proper, Kari K. Bouchlas, exclaimed, “Visual Next offers a strategically built solution, with simple concepts and functionality that is both intuitive & familiar. The flexibility of the configurable platform allows for end users to visualize their start to finish process in a structured, transparent, data integrity focused tool, free of endless excel sheets.”

Visual Next customers may purchase this solution standalone or as an extension of their current Visual Next ERP and End2End platform. Customers already utilizing PLM will have the ability to upgrade to the HTML5 based platform. Visual PLM can be sold standalone, or with Visual Business Intelligence for advanced reporting, POS for retail operations, Ecommerce and Ecommerce Marketplace Hub PIM connectors providing direct to consumer sales channel information from PLM.

Register for an exclusive webinar preview of the all-new Visual PLM features taking place on February 14th.

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Visual Next provides End2End software to uniform, apparel, footwear and fashion accessory companies. More than 550 companies around the world take advantage of Visual Next’s advanced ERP, PLM, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Optimization, Business Intelligence Software and more. To learn more, visit www.visualnext.com

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