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Visual Next Releases the Hatley Success Story Video


Montreal, Canada May 23, 2018 – PLM, ERP and End2End fashion, accessories, footwear and apparel specific software provider, Visual Next, announces the launch of a new video showcasing the story behind the success of their customer, Hatley.

For more than twenty years Hatley has won over customers with their unique product lines. As a family business that started off in a cottage town, Hatley is now a recognized brand name worldwide. Known for its bright and colorful apparel and home accessories, Hatley operates in 39 different countries with three large warehouses that service their worldwide business.

Managing international business and operations can prove to be extremely challenging. That’s why Hatley turned to Visual Net for a solution that could support their their complex business processes.

By partnering with Visual Next, Hatley saw an increase in efficiency and productivity throughout their supply chain. As a company with a strong omnichannel sales strategy, Hatley wanted to deliver a consistent customer experience across all platforms and devices. Hatley operates through their own brick-and-mortar stores, retail partners, as well as international webstores, and third party marketplaces.

“Visual is the spine of our entire supply chain; It figures out the fastest, cheapest way to walk through the warehouse to pick the customer’s order,” states Jeremy Oldland, Chief Operating Officer at Hatley. “The greatest benefit of Visual easily has been for us to ship globally while supporting third-party integrations with UPS, Canada Post, The Royal Mail, FedEx, and TNT.”

Partnering with Visual Next helped Hatley gain a competitive advantage by automating manual operations, increasing productivity and allowing them to make faster, smarter business decisions using real-time business intelligence.

Charles Benoualid, Visual Next’s Vice President of Research and Development, notes, “Hatley is an incredible example of how an apparel specific ERP solution can provide the tools for a business to scale past operational challenges. We’re proud to have Hatley as a partner and are excited to share their success story in this video.”

The Hatley success story video can be viewed here.

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