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vrSoftware Announces Worldwide Channel Partner Recruitment


Boroughbridge, England, October 25, 2011. vrSoftware, the market leading provider of “Visual Retailing” software solutions for planning and communication in the fashion retail industry today announced its intention to invest and significantly increase the size of its worldwide channel partner network.

The company is primarily known for vrSoftware Mockshop (vrMockshop), a true 3D interactive modelling solution that merchandisers use for store modelling, space analysis and shop floor communications. Quite simply, from a visual merchandising perspective vrMockshop reduces operating costs, drives sales and improves efficiency. vrSoftware has worked in the fashion retail industry since the mid 1990’s and the software already has over 5,000 users in 30 countries. Customers include brand names such as Nike, Calvin Klein, Reebok, Macy’s, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Levi’s and many more. The software is already being used in over 250 educational establishments, ensuring that the visual merchandisers of tomorrow are competent users of vrMockshop.

During financial year 2010/2011 the company achieved considerable success adding more global customers and a new product, vrSoftware Lineplan (vrLineplan). In the fashion world these customers included; American Clothing, Bench, M&S Mode, Madura Garments, Go Outdoors, Crocs, s. Oliver, Kaufhof, Peek & Cloppenberg, Perry Ellis, Rockport, Asics, Bench and Target Pty and the company achieved market leadership in the sportswear sector with 100% of the global sportswear brands now using vrMockshop.


As one successful channel partner put it, “The partnership with vrSoftware has been extremely successful and beneficial to our business. Not only has it provided us with access to a range of market leading buying, merchandising and visual merchandising solutions, but also enabled us to win significant deals with recognised fashion brand names, the most recent of which are Bench and Go Outdoors. The market opportunity for the vrSoftware solution portfolio is vast and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership” commented Danny Duggan, Director at VR Intelligence.

“The goal of vrSoftware is to be the number one visual retailing software solution in the world and as such become recognised as a global software brand. To achieve this goal, we’ve now invested in a new channel sales and marketing team to expand the availability of our solutions to more customers,” said Colin Liversedge, CEO of vrSoftware. “Our visual retailing software takes the whole concept of buying, merchandising and visual merchandising to the next productivity level and is helping boost sales for retailers and brands. We want to make sure that global retailers and brands have easy access to these tools.

It’s a tough retail market out there but expanding our channel will enable supply and local support of these software solutions to many more retailers and brands worldwide.”

Prospective partner profiles include retail designers, visual merchandising consultancies, fixture manufacturers, retail brand agencies and other organisations which provide software solutions into the retail fashion sector.

Colin continued, “We sell indirectly via vrSoftware accredited Solution Providers and if you fit one of these profiles please contact us to discuss this mutual opportunity. Already, we have a network of highly successful partners and we want to replicate that success on a wider geographic scale. For any prospective partner it’s a highly attractive proposition, which will not only provide an exciting and market leading solution to their existing customers, but also a new long term revenue stream.”


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