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Want to hear from the Fashion PLM experts?


WhichPLM has launched the first of its’ ‘Ten Experts, Ten Questions’ Feature today, interviewing ten of the world's leading Fashion/Retail experts to drive out answers to the questions most asked by PLM customers. Every week, WhichPLM will put a new question to the panel and publish the answers on www.whichplm.com

WhichPLM asked the panel of experts from PLM Vendors Gerber Technology, Lawson, Zweave, Porini, Yunique Solutions, Visual 2000, Lectra, PTC, TradeStone and Business Management Systems:

How can PLM help customers that are facing tough times during the credit crunch?

Read what the experts said: 'Ten Experts, Ten Questions' interview – How PLM can help customers during a credit crunch.

WhichPLM asks a new question each week, so visit www.whichplm.com again soon if you want to hear more from the leading Fashion PLM experts!

WhichPLM Online Poll

Last month, WhichPLM ran a poll online asking: Is the Credit Crunch a driver or hindrance to investment in PLM technologies?

Thanks to all of those who took part – below are the results:

Driver: 75%
Hindrance: 22%
Other: 3%

Look out for the next WhichPLM online poll starting on Monday.

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