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WhichPLM: 3D Supplier Evaluations


Earlier this year, we wrote about extending our evaluation arm to cover 3D, after numerous enquiries from the industry. Today, we are delighted to announce the commencement of the publication of our 3D evaluations. 

Born out of our popular PLM evaluations, a WhichPLM 3D Evaluation applies the same stringent, ethical, expert approach to a new set of scientific assessment criteria – designed to benchmark 3D solutions and their vendors in the areas that really count for retailers and brands looking to find the right solution to fit their needs, and to deliver a return on their investment.

WhichPLM prides itself on total impartiality. This ethical stance has led our day-to-day work with PLM and extended-PLM for almost a decade, and it remains consistent in every new initiative we undertake.

The decision to evaluate 3D solutions (and the vendors who develop and sell them) arose naturally from our evaluations of core PLM, with a growing number of businesses seeking ways to supplement PLM functionality to fulfil their goal of “digital transformation”. This is a transition we have witnessed first-hand: our CEO has been directly involved in implementing and working with 3D software since the 1990s, as well as playing a role in designing its functionality a decade earlier.

As articulated in our 5th Edition publication – issued in 2015 – we believe 3D to be a transformative technology, and one that, after a challenging introductory period, is becoming indispensable for large numbers of our readers. To help these brands, retailers, and manufacturers make better-informed decisions about which partner(s) to choose, our 3D evaluations adhere to the same scientific structure as their PLM counterparts.

We begin by benchmarking the vendor’s solution (and portfolio, where applicable), drawing on experience gained through decades’ worth of hands-on PLM and 3D experience and research. But unlike other industry benchmarks, we also take a more holistic view of the vendor themselves: we seek to understand their ethos, competencies, fashion industry knowledge inside and outside 3D, customer insights, services and support capabilities, geographical presence, international resource pool, roadmap, and business sustainability.

This extension of what might otherwise be a purely technical evaluation is done for several reasons. Firstly, as an emerging technology, the broader insights provided by a vendor can help readers to better understand the potential applications of 3D in their business. Secondly, just like with PLM, we recognise that choosing a 3D supplier is a matter of more than just picking software; it extends to discovering the right partner for a long-term journey into the future of fashion.

WhichPLM, in conjunction with 3D vendors evaluated thus far, is now proud to publish our results. Each 3D evaluation will be made available via downloadable PDF. To download your copy/copies simply click the button(s) below.

If you are a 3D supplier interested in undergoing a professional and expert evaluation by the WhichPLM team, who has the two C’s – confidence and conviction – in their software, please get in touch with a member of the WhichPLM team.

And if you are a retailer, brand or manufacturer asking why these evaluations are so important, click here

In case you are yet to get your hands on them, you can also obtain copies of our PLM evaluations here

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