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WhichPLM Blog 26 July, 2010: WhichPLM Update


WhichPLM_updateHello all and my apologies for the lack of blogs in recent months.

The truth is that I started the year with a mammoth amount of travelling that has taken me all over the world to places like, Australia, New York , L.A., France, Holland, Italy and Turkey. Several of these trips have also been on multiple occasions and not to forget the UK, which is home for me here in the north of England (Manchester) the heart of the industrial revolution and of course the centre of  the textile empire many years ago, hence why we have some strong roots in business processing, it’s in our DNA!

The trips, like always, have been really fascinating and exciting and meeting some fantastic individuals along the way that have similar interests in the world of Apparel PLM. As always I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of helping these people and their companies improve their business processes.  I’ve also been introduced to several more PLM companies that are new to me, at least in terms of working together for the first time; they have some great products, some really talented resources and interesting ways to deliver new PLM processes. I suggest you keep looking on the WhichPLM site to read more about CGS and BMS who have recently been “benchmarked” by the WhichPLM team, both have strong products and have new releases coming in the near future.

The team and I are currently working on around twelve PLM related projects at present, several are in the process of being implemented by the PDP team and the rest are new companies that are going through the process of selecting their first, or in one case their third PLM solution! Let’s put the last statement in perspective the first and second implementations were in-house developments and the latest will be coming from one of the market leaders in PLM for the apparel space. This goes to prove that their appetite for PLM is certainly not running out of steam and I know from firsthand experience that their desire to achieve even greater ROI (Return On Investment) is certainly the key factor to going for a third implementation.

I am pleased to let you all know that you can expect to see several new PLM companies being “benchmarked” by the WhichPLM team in the coming months, these include: PTC, Dassault Systems and several more top tier PLM suppliers that I’m currently under discussion with. We are hoping by the end of 2010 to have around 20 companies that have been benchmarked by the WhichPLM team, several of which have continued to improve their scoring based on making further improvements to their solutions that were highlighted during the earlier benchmark projects.

Beyond the normal PLM implementations and benchmarks, we have been working on several new and exciting projects that we will be sharing with the WhichPLM and PDP readers in the coming months ahead. One of these is the results of the first ever independent PLM survey and the feedback to date has been fantastic. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person that responded to what is a very important topic and one which I’m certain will be of great use, not only to the new and existing user of PLM solutions but also and in some ways more important, for the PLM suppliers to understand what their customers are saying about their experiences when it comes to PLM.

Team news, well even in these difficult times, we have continued to strengthen the PDP and WhichPLM team with several new members joining the business including:

Judith Jones: Judith will be taking a key role in liaising with the world’s leading PLM suppliers to provide the latest news, events and developments on the world of PLM and to help support me with the ever growing demands on time! Judith joins the PDP and WhichPLM team after spending many years in the advertising and public relations world and also having spent several years as head of administration for Freeborders PLM Europe, so she knows the apparel space very well and will help to take the site to a new level.

Robert Smith: Rob is a very talented individual and joins the PDP and WhichPLM team with two degrees to his name, including a computer science and a law degree. Rob will be responsible for launching two new PLM related businesses: Vector Vogue, which will be rolling out a new solution titled Vector Sketch, which is a library of over 8,000+ apparel product and parts drawings. The solution, developed using an Adobe Illustrator Plug-In, will give Designers and Garment Technologist a new and what we believe is a fantastic way to quickly and accurately develop product related drawings that will make their lives that much easier and efficient and certainly a new “best practice” process maturity step in creative design!

Rob will also be responsible for managing Which Executive search, the second of our new PLM related businesses. Over the last three years since forming PDP and WhichPLM, we have received literally hundreds of requests to help companies and individuals to find PLM apparel domain experts. This is an area that is in constant demand and requires a certain level of dedication and so to help, we will be launching the new business Which Executive Search, which will come to the market in September 2010.

Paul Malone: Paul joins us due to the ever increasing demands from our customers to help them fill the gaps in their PLM implementations, we decided to hire a full time lead developer to support our team of business process experts in delivering integrations, reports and PLM Plug-Ins. Paul will be responsible for scoping, designing and liaising with our offshore development teams, to deliver positive results for the end user’s.

Ben Hanson: Ben is currently working with the PDP and WhichPLM team to complete the results of the recent first ever independent apparel PLM survey, the report is well underway and has already reached over 15,000 words and I’m sure by the time it’s finished it will be nearer to 20,000 plus.

Mark Harrop
Well that is all for now, will be sharing more news and blogs soon.


Mark Harrop Mark Harrop is the founder and Managing Director of WhichPLM. During a career that has spanned more than four decades, Mark has worked tirelessly to further the cause of PLM – providing the unbiased, expert advice that has enabled some of the world’s best known retailers, brands and manufacturers achieve efficiency savings across their entire supply chain through informed technology investments.