Home News WhichPLM Blog 06 January, 2010: Does your business need a Health check?

WhichPLM Blog 06 January, 2010: Does your business need a Health check?


When did your company last have a process health check? When did you last visit your doctor or dentist?

Heart Monitor GraphicIf there doesn’t seem an obvious link between those two questions, consider this: like you, your business processes need considering from time to time, just like your personal health.

Yet, many CEOs and Managing Directors, both enterprise or SME (small and medium enterprises) sized companies rarely think about getting an independent business process health check, even when they know they have significant problems in getting the right products to market in the most efficient and timely way.

You can’t and should not just throw technology and money at your product development process problems without first looking at the health of your business processes.

This is where a Company Healthcheck comes in…

A Company Health check is a relatively small and painless exercise that can identify inefficiencies in your supply-chain as well as lost opportunities. An objective assessment by an experienced business process ‘expert’ could make a substantial difference to your company. It’s important, especially as we enter the new decade to have a clear understanding of the problems, challenges and underlying causes and a prioritised action list of what needs to be fixed. Only then should you consider using various PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) technologies to help make improvements that can help your business to be more competitive.

At PDP, we always advise clients to assess their company in the correct order:
– Business process: where can improvements be made?
– Return on investment: why are we doing this?
– How can technology help to deliver a lean and fit business that’s fit for purpose?

Lean product development is a critical and systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement in the development and manufacturing process.

Your choice…lean or fat?!

Take the WhichPLM Company Healthcheck!

Five simple questions around the product development processes and IT investments in your company. Answer with a straightforward ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and receive your results and future recommendations.

Go on…Take the Challenge! https://www.whichplm.com//healthcheck

Read the Feature!

Find out more about the WhichPLM Company Healthcheck and also about the Ultimate Company Healthcheck service offered by Product Development Technology experts, the Product Development Partnership (PDP) Ltd: Getting Fit for 2010? What about your company?

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Mark HarropMark Harrop is a leading Apparel PLM expert with more than 34 years experience in the industry. Mark co-founded the Product Development Partnership Ltd, the team of experts behind WhichPLM.

Mark Harrop Mark Harrop is the founder and Managing Director of WhichPLM. During a career that has spanned more than four decades, Mark has worked tirelessly to further the cause of PLM – providing the unbiased, expert advice that has enabled some of the world’s best known retailers, brands and manufacturers achieve efficiency savings across their entire supply chain through informed technology investments.