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WhichPLM Blog 11 Oct, 2008: Out with the Old, in with the New!


Just arrived back to the UK following a business trip in Scandinavia and Holland, where I’ve been working on two new PLM projects, and I wanted to share some thoughts that came to mind during and after the sessions.
‘Old rules no longer apply’
PLM is fast becoming an enabling technology for retailers and brands that are transforming from the traditional business hierarchy of seasons. In the ‘old world’, the hierarchy was structured, setting out a number of collections per year and this was replicated through the way data was stored in company PDM systems and early PLM systems.

Today’s PLM Technology is meeting the needs of businesses that want to break out of the old mould and consider a completely different and radical approach to traditional hierarchies. With PLM, today’s technology-SMART companies are able to adapt systems quickly to the way in which they shape their businesses. Some companies have increased their number of seasons from two to as many as twelve or have even opted to get rid of seasons altogether and replace them with continuous collections or projects. The very nature of PLM will continue to enable companies to respond to market/industry trends in this way.

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