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WhichPLM Blog 27 Jan, 2009: To be or not to be…benchmarked


Over the last six months, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk to many of the world's leading PLM software suppliers on the subject of the WhichPLM benchmark. It's interesting, yet unsurprising, that during the early part of our conversations many of the PLM suppliers are a little reluctant to bare their souls and share their PLM plans!

One of the concerns is that the benchmark results could leak to competitors. On that point, we assure them that the results of the PLM benchmark are held securely under a strict control process managed together with the PLM supplier and WhichPLM before we share with any external prospect.

From the PLM prospect perspective, the feedback is unanimous, they want to see PLM suppliers benchmarked to help them make an informed decision based on scientific facts.

I know that I speak for PLM suppliers that have all ready completed the benchmark process, when I say that the benchmark results are extremely rewarding, not only for the PLM prospects but also for the software suppliers. It's like taking a health check with your doctor – you feel a lot better when you know you're well, or at the worst case you're told you are unwell, but if you take the prescribed medicines you may be able to avoid a major illness! 

WhichPLM Poll

Last month, we asked you to vote on which PLM suppliers you would like to see benchmarked:

Which PLM Solution would you next like to see evaluated by WhichPLM experts? Take the WhichPLM Poll!

I'm pleased to confirm that this was a very popular area of the WhichPLM website, which only goes to show that the readers out there want to see 'facts' and not more marketing spin. If you haven't already, please vote in the poll and we will send the results to the PLM Suppliers.

Several of the original PLM suppliers that have been previously been benchmarked are now coming back for more, based on using the previous results to enable them to go back to the drawing boards and improve on their PLM offering. Some of them have gone on to make significant improvements which I know will go a long way in helping to improve the PLM solutions out there for all concerned.

We are also finding that several of the companies, that we have had the pleasure of speaking to and have yet to be benchmarked, are now working hard on bringing their current software versions to a higher level of maturity to enable them to gain higher results in future benchmarks. We look forward to completing more results in the coming months ahead.

Looking forward to seeing your votes and obtaining feedback from suppliers that have not yet agreed to take the challenge!

Contact me

Please free to share your experience in assessing and selecting a PLM solution. Email me at mark@whichplm.com I look forward to your feedback.


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