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WhichPLM Editorial Review – 27 July 2012


The rise of E-PLM has been a precipitous one.  In pretty short order, the range of solutions that support and expand upon the capabilities of core PLM has increased dramatically – to the stage where, today, we accept that  everything from computer-aided design to 3D store visualisation and logistics belongs under the umbrella of PLM and that, collectively, it’s the combination of all of these previously-disparate systems that forms the backbone of modern product development.

Our contributors have written numerous times about E-PLM, and any readers seeking a further definition will be well-served to turn to either Kilara Le’s excellent “Extending PLM…” articles or our overwhelmingly popular WhichPLM Annual Review 2012.

One component of the product lifecycle that is often neglected in discussion, though, is advertising and marketing.  We spend so much time focusing on how efficiently, how quickly, and to what quality standard products are made, that we sometimes forget the reason for their being made in the first place: to be promoted and sold to consumers.  In a world of social media interaction and nigh-on ubiquitous online shopping, the ways in which this happens are changing almost as rapidly as the demands of the consumer themselves.  No longer do shoppers expect to see a print advertisement, walk into a store, and pick up a blouse in their size; modern, connected customers want instead to help shape the style of that blouse, and to buy it in a way that promotes brand engagement and interactivity.

One of the companies working on what they call the next generation of advertising is E-PLM supplier Interactive Video Innovations (IVI).  I recently sat down with IVI’s Mia Chandler to discuss not just their solution, but the state of online advertising and e-commerce as a whole.  Our world-exclusive interview was published this week, and interested readers can have their say by either commenting on the article or getting in touch with Mia or me directly.

 Away from our own features, this week saw Gerber Technology (suppliers of both core and E-PLM to the fashion industry) announced that they will be exhibiting YuniquePLM at next week’s Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City.

Lectra, who last week made their latest success story – with Les Enphants of China – available as a download for WhichPLM readers, this week kicked off their well-publicised partnership with trend agency WGSN at an event in New York City.

Finally, Intersport International (a Swiss-headquartered sportswear retailer) was revealed this week to have adopted the vrMockshop solution, which was provided by iShopShape and vrSoftware.  With a focus on three-dimensional store design and planning, vrMockshop is as strong an indicator as any of the strides that are being made to bring retail and promotion even further into the realm of PLM.

Ben Hanson Ben Hanson is one of WhichPLM’s top contributors. Ben has worked for magazines, newspapers, local government agencies, multi-million pound conservation projects, museums and creative publications before his eventual migration to the Retail, Footwear and Apparel industry.Having previously served as WhichPLM’s Editor, Ben knows the WhichPLM style, and has been responsible for many of our on-the-ground reports and interviews over the last few years. With a background in literature, marketing and communications, Ben has more than a decade’s worth of experience, and is now viewed as one of the industry’s best-known writers.